Thursday, September 27, 2012

Spelling City

I posted, earlier this month, about using Spelling City for our spelling and vocabulary work this school year.

I have to say, I love the program. I can input my own lists, which is wonderful. I select Haydn's vocabulary words based on the books we are reading and what subjects he is studying, etc. But, there are also pre-made lists to choose from. I have actually been using the highest level lists to practice and improve my own vocabulary. I like words, and I love learning new words. It's fun.

The program is simple to use. I had no trouble setting up my account, adding students, or making assignments. I especially love being able to make assignments and set due dates, etc... It gives Haydn structure when he logs on, instead of him simply playing the same game over and over or accidentally selecting the wrong list.

Haydn isn't a fan of the Hang Mouse game or Letter Fall, but he loves doing the word searches and crosswords, and he enjoys Word-O-Rama. He is doing really well, so far. He's been acing his vocabulary tests (except for the word "vain," which he cannot seem to remember the definition for ever). We had an issue with last week's spelling test, because he had caps lock on by mistake. It counted everything wrong. But, I was able to simply grade the test myself. I also could have assigned a re-test.

One of my favorite features would be the pre-made vocabulary lists based on books. I've been quizzing myself on Pride and Prejudice vocabulary. And I can input my younger son's lists from his public school classroom when he wants to study that way.

Overall, we're happy with Spelling City. I plan to use it all year and will most likely renew our membership for sixth grade as well.

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  1. I'm glad you are liking it. William has decided that he did not learn the words as well with spelling city (learning style issue) and went back to Spelling Power with it's checklist study sheet. Jonathan does Spelling City every day and thrives with it.


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