Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sunday Poem (On Wednesday): Uncle Greg

Uncle Greg changed his life
and then, barely baptized
into newness,
his spirit left us
behind. His soul rose up
and took the hand of Jesus,
and I am so deeply grateful
to know those final months
of my Uncle's life were
counted to him as righteousness,
and he received the generous reward
promised to the faithful. Greg is
the vineyard worker paid the same
for his one hour as others
are paid for twelve, and I
don't want the Kingdom to be fair,
because fairness never feels as good
as God's love falling down on this,
my often ungrateful, always undeserving,



  1. Lovely poem. I love the cadence. And the content soothes me--reminds me of the grace of God, that covers all fairness and unfairness.


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