Thursday, August 23, 2012

Pancakes Were Not Meant to Taste Like Cornbread

I haven't done a good job of blogging our food journey. Life got hectic with school starting back and me working daily on my latest novel project. I finish baking and realize I didn't take any pictures. I can at least link you to recipes we have tried and tell you how they went over around here.

We found an ice cream maker on sale at Kroger, so I bought it and tried making dairy-free ice cream. The first recipe I tried was vanilla flavored and made with coconut milk. I used a recipe from The Nourishing Gourmet. The ice cream came out more ice than cream. Part of that was my fault, however. I was not using enough ice and rock salt for the maker to do its job properly.

Next, I made a chocolate coconut milk ice cream and used dark chocolate chips and slivered almonds as add-ins. I got the hang of the ice and salt ratio and the ice cream turned out very well. I'm not a fan of chocolate ice cream, but I tasted it and it tasted like, well, chocolate ice cream. Haydn loves it, though once frozen a couple of days it can be hard to scoop. As I am typing this, Haydn is cleaning up the chunks he just dropped on the floor and whining as he does so. Anyhow, that recipe came from Whole New Mom, and it's going on my list of Food Victories.

I've tried a handful of GF pizza crust mixes and recipes. None of them were outright failures, but the one I find myself returning to every Friday is from Gluten Free Goddess. I shape it differently, however. I spray a sheet of wax paper and lay it on top of the dough. Then, I roll out the dough directly on the pizza pan. This is way less frustrating for me, because dough sticking to my fingers and getting holes in it makes my blood pressure sky rocket. I have a very low frustration tolerance, in case you wondered. ;)

We made these quinoa pizza bites, but they didn't hold together very well and also didn't freeze well. So, I'm on the lookout for a really good pizza bite recipe.

We're still happy with this baked doughnut recipe. Haydn carries one of these to church every Sunday.

We made the Frugal Farm Wife's cinnamon biscuits, and Haydn liked them fine, but I wasn't in love with the taste. They were easy to shape and he was happy with them, so they will stay on our list of wins.

The other things he's been eating are either naturally gluten free, store-bought or from a mix. We're using Pam's pancake mix. It tastes fine, but the batter is very very thin, so I don't enjoy making them. Honestly, Bisquik's gluten free pancake mix is our favorite. I've learned to check for cornmeal in the ingredients. Pancakes were not meant to taste like cornbread.

The boys have their annual Back to School overnight this weekend. The camp is aware of food issues, but I am nervous anyway. Say a prayer for Haydn to have a good attitude while there.

edited to add: I just pulled these out of the oven, and we both love them. Gluten Free Goddess is amazing. Haydn felt very left out when we had rolls at Logan's, so I set out to find some he can have. These are an absolute win.

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