Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Baking Cake (and other goodness)

I love checking my stats and seeing some of the things people type into Google before landing on my blog. Some of them make sense, like searches for "Madamerubieswrites," "Madame rubies blog," etc... Others don't make sense at all, or else I understand why my site popped up with those keywords, but they make me curious. Who was searching for that? Sometimes, I'm found by someone searching for a friend of mine. Then I wonder who is looking for said friend.

Here are some search terms (misspellings left in tact):

  • army sweatshirts
  • carolyn morrison homeschool
  • emerald city isn't green
  • holocust museum dc this will never
  • how to spell banana
  • mexican virgin mary tattoo
  • black woman beauty cartone
  • pointe shoes

I was stuck at a point in the work-in-progress today. Working title: Let Them Eat Cake. We'll just call it Cake on the blog. So, I was stuck at a point in Cake, trying to decide what happens next, before the big scary I-don't-want-to-write-it-but-I-have-to part. My mind felt empty. So I cooked. I used the tomatoes given to me from a sweet lady's garden to make tomato soup from scratch. Yummy! Then I started the dough for cinnamon swirl bread. Then I baked Haydn a gluten-free chocolate cake before finishing my cinnamon bread. I made the bread once before. It turned out pretty but over baked. This time, I think it will be perfect. I whipped up some icing and will have a slice soon.

A funny thing happened while I stirred and measured and listened to hymns on Pandora. Slowly, a scene began to unfold in my mind. I knew with certainty, Elliot must be baptized. Crazy baptized. Suddenly urgently desperately baptized before her mother can die. After cleaning the kitchen, I started typing, but the baptism scene didn't appear. Apparently, it has to happen next, after the scene I wrote today. Before Elliot can get crazy baptized, she has to somehow get crazy bald. So, when I finish shaving her head, we can dunk her under water. Aren't you super excited to read this book, now? *snicker*

Have a beautiful week, friends!


  1. I love how we can be totally absorbed in a non-writing activity and have scenes/words/sentences come to us. I depend on it.

  2. Your bread looks awesome! :D

    1. Thanks Tina. How funny, I have two comments on this post, and both of you are named Tina.


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