Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Proof of my Failure

*hangs head and sighs deeply*

My son.... is a chauvinist. Or well on his way to being a chauvinist anyway. I offer you a script of our conversation over breakfast.

David: Is there just the one doctor in that office?

Me: No, there are two. The other is a psychologist/therapist.

David: Do y'all ever see him?

Me: No, and the other doctor is a her, not a him.

David: Oh. But, if she's a girl, wouldn't she be a nurse?

Go on. Yell. Lecture. Bemoan my horrible parenting. Feminists everywhere winced in pain at those words.

My saving grace?

I did correct him. I promise.



  1. When I had my son, I made a promise to help him keep an open mind. He got dolls to play with along with his trucks. I was very careful to not make any division amongst the sexes. At 3, he decided that he couldn't like pink because it was for girls. He had this list of things that were girly - no idea where he got the ideas but it stuck for years. My family thought it was funny to torment him by saying they were going to give him a Barbie doll (that alone would cause a temper tantrum). Don't know how it all happened.
    My point is - don't blame yourself. My son is a wonderful young man now and has a strong respect for women. More of his friends are girls than boys because they like his gentle polite manner (even if he's still a goofy teen male). He still has a strong dislike of barbie dolls but doesn't mind playing with all the little girls in our family with dolls.

    1. Sort of like my oldest turning a chicken nugget into a gun, even though he had no toy guns and did not watch them on TV. LOL!

  2. I think the strongest witness to a boy of how to relate positively to women is a father who does the same. I probably will stick with giving legos and such to my boys (if I have boys) as I'm uncomfortable with war, but my mother reminds me that I was even able to make guns from legos. Oh well. :)

  3. Your mom is right, I'm sure. My 10 year old created a functioning gun out of Legos. Just off the top of his head. He has also created a soda machine that dispenses Lego sodas.

    Corey teaches our boys to be gentlemen. They open doors, carry things, etc... A lady made a smart remark to me once. Apparently, my sons should not be holding doors for women, b/c that insinuates women are weak. I think it's quite the opposite. They will hold my door because I am stronger than them and I always win. ;)

    1. I look forward to meeting them at some point in the future. :)


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