Friday, May 11, 2012

Discworld: Rated PG-13

My father raised me with a sense of humor that is sarcastic and intelligent, while also being dirty minded and silly. I can remember watching Yellowbeard with him as a small child. Monty Python was an important part of my paternal education. Also, I would ask my dad to do something like "Turn on the TV" and his response was always and without fail, "Whatcha want me to do, fondle its knobs?"

I know I won't have my daddy around forever. That is the nature of this beast called Life. But, my dad gave me the gift of books, a love for reading that has sustained me through the hardest of days. I know, when I am left behind in this crazy world and Dad has gone on to find a better one, I'll always have Discworld. Terry Pratchett has written enough books to fill up a few years of my life one day. The few I have read already make me smile because my dad appears to be the American version of his favorite novelist.

This post is scattered. I'm sorry for that. My teeth have had me in a mess of pain and absent-mindedness over the last few weeks. I am writing this mostly as an excuse to post this photo:

I happened upon this odd configuration of items in my oldest son's bedroom. I took one look and laughed out loud. I had to take a picture for my dad. I mean, how cool is his grandson? It's a brand new Discworld, carried on the back of a giant pig and a book about the Universe (irony, anyone?)

Terry Pratchett isn't the only author that my dad has a particular fondness for, though he is the main contemporary writer. Actually, when I lived with my dad back in 2001, he woke up one morning, looked at me and said, "I feel like Douglas Adams is dead." He turned on the old desktop computer and searched for the talented Mr. Adams. Sure enough, he'd just passed away. When we read and love books they become a part of us in ways even we cannot fully understand.

I wish I could find a signed copy of a Pratchett book somewhere... an affordable copy, I should say. That would be one of the best gifts I could give my dad.

I wonder what we should name the pig and his curved oval disc of a world.

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  1. What about "The Hogfather" You may not have run into him yet. He is the Discworld version or Santa Claus. There is a British movie version they showed one year and I've not seen it again. I think YOUTUBE may have it as well.


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