Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Poetry Game

Poetry Game!

Sometimes, to kick start my muse, I play poetry games. One of my favorites involves putting together a poem from book titles. I have done this in a library or a bookstore, but I have also done it from home. This time, I think I will pick one book title and then free write the rest of the poem.

If you join in, send me your link and I will post it.

I open my mouth
and petals blossom on my tongue.
Sweet smells lick you,
silken leaves flutter
from my eyes and you
cannot help yourself.
I speak the language
of letting go,
of burying our dead and
harvesting life from their graves.
I speak the language of flowers 
growing strong and 
thickly scented,
stretching to the sun,
already knowing
they are beautiful.
I speak the language
of us.

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