Saturday, March 17, 2012

Life, Zapped

In my life this week... Corey was out of town. I didn't mention that here or on Twitter, because I don't feel comfortable announcing to the world that I am home alone. I do fine during the day, but I don't sleep well when he isn't here. I need him at least inside the house, if not in the bed. Alone at night, I hear every sound the house makes. I heard Haydn tossing and turning in the nylon tent he currently insists on sleeping in. He has a comfy bed, but he chooses his tent on the floor. Go figure.

In our homeschool this week... we were mostly off. My youngest son is in public school, and he went with his dad on the Senior trip. Haydn and I stayed home (Haydn got to go on a similar trip over Spring Break when he was seven, as David is now). We played the "zapped" version of Life, which I received for review from the Amazon Vine program. We had fun with that, though I still cannot get the sound to work. We rented The Adventures of Tin Tin and watched half of The White Lion. We went to co-op, and that is always fun.

Places we're going and people we're seeing... We did the monthly grocery trip, covering Sam's Club and Walmart. Haydn had his regular therapy appointments. Yesterday, we had Co-op, where I teach essay writing to the teens and help with their book club. Haydn takes a Young Peacemaker's class, is reading Charlotte's Web with his book club and then learns sign language for an hour before lunch. We all spend the afternoon at the park together, after classes are finished. I look forward to that all week.

I'm reading... When You Reach Me by Rebecca Stead. It is a lovely book and won a Newberry Award. I dream of Newberry awards. I picked it up rather randomly and am pleasantly surprised to find it is a time-travel novel. I posted a few weeks ago about Bookish Serendipity, and this is one of those occasions. I am also nearing the end of 2 Chronicles in The Message Bible and working my way through a reread of The Hunger Games for book club.

I'm grateful for... a husband who supports me and encourages my writing and my pursuit of publication. He has never once belittled my stories or poems, never made me feel like what I do is less than since it has not produced much money at this point in the journey. Quite the contrary, actually; he seems to think I can be and do even more than I ever hope for myself. I see women complaining about their husbands often (and often with good reason), and I am reminded again and again that I snagged a good man somehow, and I better hang onto him for dear life. Men like Corey seem few and far between in modern day America.

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