Sunday, March 25, 2012

Kitty Heaven

In the fall of 2010 we adopted 2 cats. Brother kittens named Hocus and Pocus. We called them the therapy cats, because they were such a comfort to Haydn. If you know Asperger's, you can appreciate the attachment an AS child can have to animals. He felt able to show them affection and be with his cats in a way that he never has with humans.

This morning, we arrived home from church and David asked to ride his scooter in the driveway. I said sure and out he went. Just a few moments later, he ran into the house crying. In our front yard, he had spotted Pocus, apparently napping. Upon closer inspection, he discovered ants on the cat's body. My poor kid even checked for a heartbeat before coming to get me. This is the second cat he has found dead. The last one belonged to our neighbor and, just the same, appeared to be peacefully sleeping. As you can imagine, I have a traumatized 7-year-old.

Haydn has drawn a picture to be buried with Pocus, and we talked about kitty heaven. We are all sure that Uncle Greg spotted Pocus upon arrival and has taken him in. My boys know they can trust their Uncle Greg to take good care of our cuddly fat cat. I told them Jesus will definitely drop by to visit him and offer him string and catnip. Also, in kitty heaven, in case you were wondering, there are red laser dots that cats can actually catch. The red spot that constantly alluded Pocus is now within his reach.

Hocus has been wandering the house, periodically giving the very specific meow he always used to call his brother. It's rather heartbreaking. Corey is not here today, and I could not bring myself to touch the dead cat. I lay a towel over him and stood in the front yard sobbing until a truck drove by. I motioned for the driver's attention as he pulled up to our stop sign. He was very kind and helped me check the cat for injuries and transfer him to a box for burial.

Enjoy a few pictures of Hocus and Pocus.

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