Saturday, March 24, 2012

How to Spell Banana

My oldest child turned ten this week. TEN! Surely this explains the gray in my hair. I mean... how did I get a ten-year-old? We celebrated with pizza and the third Harry Potter movie. I made cake balls for our co-op the next day. They sang to him and signed a birthday card. He received gift cards, checks, a bank shaped like a giant bottle of Hersey's chocolate syrup, and a box set of 6 Warriors novels. All in all, I think he had a lovely birthday.

Our week was filled with new neighborhood friends, reading about Temple Grandin, one major meltdown, baseball at the park, and pitching practice. Mostly, it was a good week. I was pretty discouraged most of Thursday, but a couple of things fell into my lap that afternoon that gave me hope.

I dressed up as a capitol girl and joined some teens for the midnight Hunger Games premiere. I love any excuse to play dress up. I donned a blue wig with a bright animal print tank top and neon pink tights. I used purple eyeshadow and liner to decorate my face and topped it off with purple lipstick and a pink sweater. The movie did not disappoint. I am one of those people who looks for every change from book to movie, but I don't always hate the changes. I like to play with them in my mind and see if I can figure out the reason for making them. Example: In the movie, the Mockingjay pin is a gift between Katniss and Prim instead of Madge. I figure this change eliminated a peripheral character (Madge) and gave the pin a bit more meaning for Katniss. I can handle that kind of change.

Friday morning found me drowsy. Three hours of sleep is simply not enough. I struggled to spell banana while teaching Essay Writing. Banana. Go on. Laugh. You know you want to. But, as the morning progressed, I woke up and felt quite fine until evening. Eleven hours of sleep last night and I am still exhausted today. The older I get, the longer it takes to recover from sleepless nights. It will be early to bed again tonight.

I hear the kitchen timer. Dinner time. Y'all have a beautiful weekend.

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