Monday, February 13, 2012

Just a wee bit o' the randomness today...

My current novel has exploded onto my walls. Normally, I keep character lists and such in Evernote and flip windows as needed. This time, with the addition of a time-traveling library, I added a family tree via All of the window flipping was starting to kill my eyes, so I scribbled my main character's info and family tree onto sketch paper and taped it around my writing desk. I feel 100 times better now.

Also, I have been writing each chapter as its own Word document, and that is new for me. It means that, as I completed Chapter 5 today, I had no idea what my word count might be. So I totaled each chapter's count and discovered I am almost to 20,000 words. My goal is 50,000 but I think it will end up taking more than that to do the story justice.

I finally got to write the scene I have been toying with for a while. I knew it had to happen, but I wasn't sure where to include it. Today, it just spilled out. When that happens, I have usually hit magic. I am pretty excited about that scene.

My youngest has a school performance tonight and a Valentine's Day party tomorrow. I have Angry Birds valentines to send to school with him. The oldest will take a couple of valentine's to his therapy office. I already gave Corey his, because I wasn't sure I'd see him tomorrow. It is a seminary day. His card says, "I love you more than books and Diet Coke," so you know I must be serious, right?

Haydn and I are about to spend some time reading about Ancient China, this week. Also, we started reading Tuck Everlasting, and I am enjoying it. So far, Tuck has the feel of sitting around a fire listening to wonderful tales. Those tend to be my favorite kinds of children's books. Tuck is also one of our book group selections for this month, along with Major Pettigrew's Last Stand. I have been reading it, and I don't love or hate it yet. It is a quaint little taste of England, which I always enjoy. The story doesn't call to me though. I don't feel desperate to pick it back up. If it weren't a book group selection, I might not finish it at all.

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