Friday, February 3, 2012

Five Foods

Five Foods

{1} My grandmother spoiled me, according to Mom. That's what grandmothers are supposed to do, right? When I was a wee thing, we ate dinner at Grandma's house quite often. She always made my favorite foods: macaroni & cheese and deviled eggs. These are still two of my favorites. I could eat nothing but those two foods for days. I have a great crockpot recipe for what I call "grown-up mac & cheese."

{2} I like a bazillion different casseroles. My love for a good casserole is rooted in books, as are most things I love. If a meal fits in one bowl, it is much easier for me to balance my dinner and a book. This has been slightly improved by my easel-stand case for the Kindle. Hands-free reading is a lovely lovely thing.

{3} The go to food in our house? Eggs. I like them scrabbled with a pool of ketchup for dipping my bites. I like them with ham and cheese mixed in. I plop them onto buttered toast for a quick yummy sandwich. I add some flour and milk and make a hootenanny on Saturday mornings. When I do my monthly grocery trip, I buy 5 dozen eggs.

{4} I'm not a big seafood eater, but Leila took me to Bonefish Grill once, and I still salivate over that order of Bang Bang Shrimp. I wonder if they really are as good as I remember.

{5} When I take a trip to Brandon, there are two places I have to visit. Of course, I will drop into a Target. We live where no Target exists. Such a sad state of affairs. Also, I have to run into a Cups location and pick up a Blondie and a cheese danish. A blondie is, basically, cafe au lait with white chocolate and caramel, but no other coffee shop makes it correctly. Believe me, I have tried, and I worked at Cups so I know what I am ordering. Cups' blondies are just better, hands down. The danishes are by Sara Lee, so you can get them a few places, but Cups is where I discovered them and where I prefer to find them still.

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