Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Turning 30

On January 27th, I will be turning 30. I wanted to do something really special to celebrate, but my husband has church stuff and my best friend will be birthing her second baby girl. I decided not to wallow. Instead, I will be doing 30 random acts of kindness to kick off my thirties.

If you want to help me celebrate, it's easy. Just do something kind for someone else this month. Here are a few ideas:

  1. Tape change to a vending machine.
  2. Hide one dollar bills in the dollar store toy aisle.
  3. Leave goodies in the mailbox for your mail person.
  4. Pay for the meal of the car behind you in a drive-thru.
  5. Smile at someone.
  6. Compliment a mother's parenting/children in public.
  7. Donate clothes and toys to a charity/thrift store.
  8. Offer to babysit for a frazzled mom.

Can you think of anything else? Be creative!

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