Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Scary School with Darth and Voldy

Corey has 2 semesters left, and he graduates in December. My plan is to sign up for an ACT prep class in 2013 and take my ACT. I took the SATs twice, in high school, but if I get a certain score on the ACT my tuition will be covered at a local community college. The plan is to do my core at that school and then, hopefully, transfer to Ole Miss. Ole Miss has a creative writing major, so that is where I want to go. Or, rather, Ole Miss has a creative writing major and is close to home, so that is where I will go. I somehow doubt I can make the commute to that other Oxford. *wink*

I suppose, this line of thinking explains last night's wacky dream. It started with me returning to college. Of course, I have to start over (my credits have expired), so the dream began with me walking onto campus as a freshman. The school was somehow attached to my alma mater, Lower Richland High. Incidentally, the first college I attended was a tech school down the street and we often called it "Lower Richland University" as a joke.

In my dream, two girls I went to school with were also going to the college. Rose and I went to school together from Kindergarten on and Rebecca and I met in high school. I was confused to see them, because both of them have already completed some form of college. But, there they were, helping me find my way to my new English class. They already knew the professor and loved the class, so I guess I was a late transfer (???). Anyhow, the school campus felt like a mix of all schools I have ever visited with a dash of shopping mall thrown in for good measure.

I sat down in my first class and was handed a laminated sheet covered in books. I could see only the books' cover art and titles. There were descriptions in teeny tiny print and I was squinting but could not read them. The boy in front of me kept jostling me with his over-sized book bag. He was wearing my son's marshmallow-like navy blue coat. He was laughing and joking around, but I was trying to focus on the assignment. Somehow, I had to pick one of the books and explain to the professor why that book symbolized who I was as a person and how my life had gone, thus far. I was highly frustrated, to the point of tears, because I had never read the books listed and could not see the descriptions.

Somehow, I got out of the class without being forced to answer, but my next assignment was strange. I had a rotary cutting tool in my hand, like my best friend uses to cut fabric. Or, maybe it was a pizza cutter. Regardless, I had to walk (crawl, really) around a certain part of campus, cutting the grass from the edges of sidewalks. I am not sure if this was a geometry lesson or what. There I was on my hands and knees pushing this tool along the sidewalk's edge, and a big truck pulled into the parking lot nearby. Who was in the truck? Someone who was simultaneously Darth Vader and Voldemort.

I think I might be a little bit stressed about returning to school.


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  1. Weird dream but going back to school is terribly exciting!!! ;) Please share your assignment prompts and book lists!


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