Sunday, January 8, 2012

A Post In Which I Babble

It is Sunday afternoon. I have been out of sorts since yesterday. I stayed home from church to sleep but ended up awake and cleaning the house. Impossible to sleep with my children at home, trying to tear each other to shreds because one of them looked at the other and that is definitely unacceptable. So I made them clean their bathroom together and then sent each of them to clean their own rooms. I got out the vacuum. They clean faster when there is the danger of a vacuum sucking up their Legos hovering nearby. You would not believe how many pairs of socks and underwear were hiding under David's bed. Ew. Boys are so gross.

I made dinner and had that in the oven while we all three cleaned. After dinner, I made myself a lovely mug cake and settled in to read. I am enjoying a memoir called Trespassers will be Baptized. The author is a Southern Baptist preacher's daughter from Eastern KY. Being from Eastern KY and having grown up three kinds of Baptist, I can relate to the inner-workings of her child mind. And, on the adult side, some aspects of being a preacher's kid are universal to pastor's families within all denominations. At least, my experience says that is true. I'll stick to Methodism and not find out from other experiences. I'd also prefer not to ever compare being a minister's wife to being a doctor's wife or a military wife or any other professional's wife. I have heard comparisons made, and I think I will stick to other people's experiences on such subjects.

I am making a list of Mary books to read this year. I downloaded a volume of Mary devotionals as well. Each one is really no more than a few lines. Some are thought provoking and some are just words on the page, but I am going to read one each day and leave the meaning up to God. Currently, I am enamored by the imagery of Mary as the Ark of the Covenant. Both she and the ark were holy vessels because they held the presence of God within them. Also, I am thinking of rereading Our Lady of the Lost and Found. I really enjoyed that one.

Haydn and I are getting ready to start a small unit on rocks and minerals. I found some great resources on a site called Teachers Pay Teachers. We are more than halfway through Story of the World Volume I. I love the book, but I am getting tired of Greece. I never thought that would be possible, but it is. Between studying it in history and reading about it in Rick Riordan's books, I am about full-up on all things Greek... except the food. I'll keep the food, thanks. It's too bad my pupil has so many aspie food issues. I would have loved cooking dishes from the many places we study. I suppose I could try desserts. He has much less trouble with new desserts. He even discovered, this Christmas, that he likes baklava as much as I do.

Math-wise, we are adding numbers with three digits at home and he has started basic algebra with one of his therapists. I am so head-over-heels grateful for his therapists. You just would not believe it. Therapist A can get him to talk about things he would never share with me and he will actually LISTEN to her advice. Therapist B can make just about any bit of academia make sense to Haydn. He taught him number patterns by using game systems (16 bit, 32 bit, 64 bit). We are crazy blessed by the people who help us day to day.

I am doing a massive spring clean. I'm only a few months early. There is just entirely too much stuff in this house: too many books overflowing their shelves, too many half-finished art projects, too many toys, too many papers, too many unsorted notebooks and journals... Too Many seems to have been the theme for 2011. Apparently, it took precedence over peace, and that shall be no more. I have taken a ton of stuff to the big trash can and have boxes and bags of stuff to be donated here there and yonder.

How's that for a post about everything and nothing all at once? (Do you have the time...)

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  1. I love this. I feel so caught up with you now. ;) So what exactly is a mug cake?

    Our lady of the lost & found sounds cool...


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