Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Grown-Up Kind of Evening

Last night, one of the youth babysat for me. We have some of the most generous teenagers, and I am very grateful. It is going to be a long year, Corey's final year of seminary, and time to myself is a commodity. I was nervous because the last time we left the kids with sitters, Haydn had one of his full-on Aspie meltdowns. However, I prepared him in advance for this event - no surprises. It was lovely to spend an evening out with no problems.

I drove to Oxford, about an hour away, to go to a book signing. Joshilyn and I met when we were both members of Momwriters, years ago. I remember the excitement over her first book, Gods in Alabama. I went to her signing in Jackson that year. I also attended her signing in Jackson when she published Between, Georgia. Due to my work hours, I missed her event for The Girl Who Stopped Swimming and she didn't come near here for Backseat Saints. It was lovely to see her again. I always enjoy her reading voice and the way she explains the creative process. The way we birth stories is similar, though not exactly the same. It was a fun evening with great conversation around a table at City Grocery before driving home to start reading.

I really needed to sleep. I have been sick and Corey was out of town and there was school today... You know the routine. I crawled into bed at 9 and planned to read till 10. At 11, I forced myself to close the cover and go to sleep. Well, I tried to sleep. Thanks to my cough medicine, I was actually awake more than asleep. I may as well have stayed up reading. But, I am trying to get some things done today so I can disappear into the story for a while longer this afternoon. I finished the third chapter of my work in progress and picked up some reference books from the library. I want to get my setting just right. I hate inconsistencies in books.

I'd like to offer you something deeper. I have a blog in my head (The Parable of the Ugly Spoon Rest), but I am foggy-headed from cough medicine and sleep-deprived as well. Hopefully I will have my wits about me by the end of the week. I don't like it when my life swims around me like a dream.

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