Monday, October 31, 2011

Multitudes on Monday - Halloween Edition

1000 Gifts (2551 - 2600)

Haydn saying he is doing better because he is "relaxing."
Feeling super-├╝ber productive today
Word play is fun.
Haydn giggling at himself
3 Amazon trade-ins today
Enjoying a cookie break
Hackey-sack owl
Mail happies
First ordered Christmas gift arrived
Leftover lasagna for dinner
I can write poetry again.
The missing piece just came to me!
Teeny tiny paper crane on the island
3 Dorothys
Wearing ruby slippers
Remembering old smiles
Erin Webb brought to mind
Blue gingham shirt/blouse
Virginia Woolf's diary awaits me.
Pharmacist greets me by name.
Thinking up good comebacks.
Papa John's
Sweet girls with pretty curls
Pinterest on an iPad
Pretty clean kitchen
Day with Ashley
Nail stickers
"That's what my mom said."
Lacey look
Reeses pumpkins
Our silly cats
Saturday breakfast yum
Ice cold milk
Brownie in a mug with peanut butter chips
Boys playing outside all day
Warriors book borrowed on Kindle
Balloons and hallelujahs
Amy Thomas
The Inspiration at The Invitation
Warm brown sweatshirt
His mercies are new every morning.
Shipley's donuts
My Sunday cup of coffee
Vanilla creamers
Sound of puppy nails on tile
Clinking of kitty collars
Nail compliments
Hubby offering to pick up lunch
Bible verses on note cards in purple ink


Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sunday Poem: When Amy Sings

When Amy sings
I get Holy Ghost bumps.
Jesus shivers through me,
pricking each nerve,
pulling tears into my eyes.
Closing up my throat and
lifting up my arms like they are
connected to strong puppet strings,
there's Amy's voice crying out -
the master of my soul
as God is made known
in the true-felt song
that is, when Amy sings,
so much more
than a song.
Words on screens,
images of knees bowed down,
timing the beats just right,
No, it's more,
it's more it's more it's more
than singing
when it's Amy
Amy is praying. Amy is begging.
Amy is using her voice
to hit her knees this Sunday morning.
Oh, how my spirit responds, jumps up to praise,
bows down
to worship,
aches for the hollow inside
to fill up with Jesus.
And today, I am grateful
for the fire-rains-down
in this church
when Amy sings.


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

On Notebook #3

I already typed this up. I did so on Monday, for my usual Multitudes on Monday post. However, the list got eaten by cyberspace and I could not recover it. I was a wee bit frustrated and am just now getting around to re-typing it all.  So, without further ado...

1000 Gifts (2451 - 2550)

Sharing my gifts
Our church book group
Children behaving in childcare
Soft light gray shirt
Sharing in the Kindle love
Barnes & Noble bag
Educator's discount on Warriors books
My kids sharing my love for books
Adding Latin root words to our studies
When Haydn is very polite
Haydn mixing up "adulthood" & "adultery"
Benjamin lying on his side in the sun
Homeschool outside
Lying on a blanket in the yard
Filling this second notebook with thanksgiving
Planning ahead
Upbeat song stuck in my head
Orange paper flower
Freshly vacuumed car interior
Pocus on his back while I rub his belly
Help from friends
Haydn lets me read to him.
Haydn's perfect origami flowers
"A Good Man-darin is Hard to Find"
Prophetic dreaming
Vicki G
Rollerskating in my dream
Looking back and seeing how far we've come
Normal routine
Early morning David confusion
Pocus kneading me with his paws
Dr. Sheehan commenting on Haydn's happiness
Friends' help with animals
Really good shows
David said my dress is pretty.
Back to routine without issue
Surprise free offer
Card from Vicki G
Mail from Bella
Protein bar for free
Haydn laughing at Percy never gets old.
Haydn completed 6th Warriors book.
Whales on Stilts via audio
Wedding photos
Books from Dad
A week of Eliza-cuddles
Sanity-saving phone calls from Leila
Sweet email from Cat
Whole Saturday with Sara and Josh
Long visit with Rebecca
Bella's drawing of me
People that just "get" me
Corey's reassurances
Seeing God use people
Being woo-ed by God
Haydn helping me (a lot) without complaint
Seeing pink polka dots
My husband - always
Hearing Olivia over the phone
Cat said I am wonderful.
Carpool convos with Leila
Happy pink surprises
No need for numbing
Sweetest note from Corey
World's best rejection letter
Showers of encouragement
Louise's love and trust
Leila is making something for me.
Sweetest card ever.
Curling up by David
Sweet return to my journey group
Warm under the sheet and quilt
Katie took beautiful pictures.
Spelling test app
Cozy in my pink sweater
Warm socks
Cute Halloween card for Savannah
Homecoming parade with family
Chatting with Dawn on Co-Op days
Seeing Rosemary at the parade
Rosemary got a promotion. :)
Sharing the idea of listing gifts
Feeling beautiful
Bags to donate
Cool facts app
Baking with 7th grade girls
Instagram photo of hands in dough
Smart cover
Letter from Bella in orange envelope
Mashed candy for cookies
Note from Gavin
Note from Rebecca in Halloween card
Writing letters on notebook paper
Neat handwriting
Feeling a project was successful
Everything back in its place
Haydn doing better at writing work


Saturday, October 22, 2011

God Will Forgive Me... for throwing your tract in the garbage.

I took the boys to the park today. Corey is playing in a fundraising volleyball tournament. I thought it would be fun to go. Not being sure which side of the lake the sand was on, I parked and walked. In the stroll from one side to the other, three groups of people tried to give me tracts. The first group told me they were doing something for DNow. Being a youth minister's wife, I took the paper, thinking it was a flier of some sort. Briefly, I thought, "DNow is in January." Of course, I found myself holding a tract that assured me God will forgive me. I am glad to know that God will forgive me for throwing that tract in the next trash can we passed.

When the next group stopped to ask if anyone had given me a tract, because they wanted to give me one, I assured them I had been given the paper. "We're a ministry family, so we don't really need tracts," I heard myself say. That was the most polite sentence I could produce at that point. The adult leading the group thanked me for taking the tract and we parted ways. 

This is when we came to the trash can where I threw the tract away. As I did so, another girl approached me and offered me a tract. I said something along the lines of, "Got it, we're covered," before continuing onto the volleyball court. I was fuming. I want to print up my own tract to hand to these people when I am approached by them. "Yes, I'll take your tract. Here, you take mine." This is what I want to write...

Dear person handing out tracts,
Have you ever considered saying hello to people with nothing in your hands? Maybe, you could have stopped me and asked my name. You might have introduced yourself, asked me how I am doing, offered to pray with me over something on my heart. Maybe you could have just talked a bit. We might have gotten to know each other. If I know you and like you, I am more likely to care what you think about things like religion. As is, I do not feel loved by you and your faith. I feel like a checkbox. "Gave her a tract. Check. Duty done." Do you pat yourself on the back for all of the souls you might have saved? Because, most people do what I did. They throw your paper away without ever reading it. You are only a brief interruption in their day.
I have read the Bible. A lot. I am pretty fond of Jesus. I gave Him my life when I was 16 years old. 13 years later, we're pretty tight. In all of my Bible reading, I can't recall Jesus handing people little scrolls that explained His purpose for their lives. Not once. What I do remember about Jesus is how He stopped to talk to people. He listened and asked questions. He touched them, prayed over them, healed them... loved them.
He loved them. He loves you. He loves me.
If you love Him, quit throwing paper at the world's problems. Stop a moment. See Jesus in those of us around you. Love us like He loves us. It won't just save our souls. It will save yours too.

A couple of hours later, the boys and I piled into the car for the drive home. As I steered the car and got the audio book going, I noticed something under my wiper blade.

A tract.

Four tracts in two hours. Should I be worried, y'all? Is my immortal soul in danger here? I've been forced to listen to judgement house plans for a few weeks now, as the kids in my origami class are doing one at their church. I have bit my tongue till I taste blood. A friend and I are considering lining our church property with scripture signs, while the church across the street runs their judgement house. Here are a couple I want to use:

For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him. - John 3:17
Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven. - Luke 6:37

What verses would you add?

Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday Felicities -10.21.11

Friday Felicities

Good chats
Kindle library downloads
Boots with skinny jeans
Pics from Carrie's wedding
Cozy sweaters


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Marriage Advice for the Newly Wed

The best advice I have ever been given, on the topic of marriage, came from a book. Not a self-help guide of any sort, but a novel. It was the first novel I ever owned, Little Women. Technically, it was the sequel, Good Wives, but I read them both as one book and was an adult before I knew they were separate. There is a chapter about Meg and her husband having their first serious quarrel. When she goes to her mother for advice, Marmie shares a good deal about Meg's husband's disposition and how Meg should react to his temper. All of it is good advice, but this bit is what stuck with me:

"Watch yourself, be the first to ask pardon if you both err, and guard against the little piques, misunderstandings, and hasty words that often pave the way for bitter sorrow and regret."

I often hear Marmie in my head, as though my own mother were speaking, "Apologize first." Do I always heed this advice? No. But, when I do, I am glad for it. It is hard advice to follow, as it requires humility, and that is not a trait common to humanity. I confess, it is not a trait that comes naturally to me, in most cases. I like to be right. I like other people to know I am right. Sometimes, I open my mouth to insist on my rightness and I can almost see Jesus slap His own forehead in frustration, "There she goes again. Will that girl never learn?"

What the "apologize first" advice does for me is this: it reminds me that my relationship with this man I married is more important than my rightness. One of us has to let go, or we'll be playing tug-of-war until we land in divorce court. Is the argument at hand worth the strife it is causing? I have yet to come across a time when it was. 

Still, I often persist in my pressing of the point until we are both red-faced and unhappy. What do I gain from this? Being right won't hold my hand as we walk. Being right won't comfort me when I cry. Being right won't assure me that I am his one true love. Being right won't support me as I struggle to get this parenting thing down. Being right does very little at all for me. 

Being loved, though? Being loved changes everything.

I was thinking, over the last week, about what advice I can offer my little sister as she embarks on this journey called marriage. I am ten years into my own, so there must be some words of wisdom I can share with her. 

This is what I have, little sister. As Marmie said, apologize first. Or, to paraphrase Anne Lamott, You can either be right, or you can be kind. Choose Kind.


P.S. Hey, sis, if you figure out how to do this consistently and well, could you teach me?

Monday, October 17, 2011

Vacant Blog... and some pictures

Sorry it has been pretty vacant here for the last week. We drove to SC for my sister's wedding and stayed to help Mom babysit while my sister went on her honeymoon. I will add pictures to this post. Just a few. The official pictures aren't available yet, but I am sure they will be lovely. It was wonderful to have Eliza-cuddles for a whole week, and we saw lots of old friends.

Me and Daddy
We got back to routine today. I have been cleaning like crazy. Last week was hectic, getting ready to go, and the house showed it. I am glad I wrote out my homeschool plan for this week before we left. That was one less chore to deal with this morning. I have laundry cycling. The floors have been swept and mopped. Library books were returned, bills mailed, counters cleared of their clutter, and children returned to the learning process. Not that no learning occurred on our trip. One of my favorite things about homeschool is how much of it takes place outside of the regular lesson plan. 

My mini-me, Sara, and me
I discovered a great new app that Haydn and I are both enjoying. It is called Seven Little Words and is available from Apple or Droid (free). It is a sort of abbreviated crossword puzzle. There are seven clues to figure out. Below the clues are tiles with letter groupings on them. You have to combine tiles to form the answers. Some of the clues are really difficult. I am impressed with how well Haydn is doing. His mind is normally too literal to understand riddles. He is terrible at thinking up synonyms. In his mind, if something is good, you call it good. He doesn't get the need for a billion other words that also mean good. You can probably guess how much he enjoys creative writing.

Eliza Jane
I'd like to write some deeply emotional piece about my baby sister being all grown up now. I have been very introspective. But, honestly, I don't feel like writing. Even this haphazard entry is forced. And, if you know me at all, you know there has never been a time when I didn't feel like writing. I have had to force myself to write anything since beginning my current medication. I called my doctor about changing it. I cannot continue on a med that makes me someone other than who I am. I have taken anti-depressants for years. I have never, until now, had a pill so drastically change any aspect of my personality. I have heard people talk about meds making them into zombies or robots, but I had never experienced it. I hope I never have to again.

Hopefully, the real me will be back soon. I like her better, and my world just isn't right without my words.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Currently: Falling

Current Books: I picked up the first book in the Warriors series of books, because I wanted to be a good parent and know what my child is reading. I planned to read the first one only. My thought was something like, "I will force myself to read one, and then I can be done with it. There is no way I will get sucked into a series where all of the characters are cats." Well, never say never. I am on the 4th book now. I am addicted.

Current Playlist: I have listened to Adele some, thanks to Spotify. And, due to it's use in church on Sunday, I cannot quit hearing "I'm a Believer" in the back of my mind. 

Current Shame-Inducing Guilty Pleasure: Eating. I am definitely eating too much and too often. I know I need to get that under control. 

Current Colors: Orange, Black & White. This is due to my sister's wedding coming up.

Current Fetish: Pinterest. I love that place. I have cooked more since opening a Pinterest account than ever before. So many great recipes. I have also done a few crafty projects I would not have thought up on my own.

Current Food: Crockpot Chicken Dressing, which I like to call Thanksgiving Crack. I made some last week, to see if I liked it enough to make it on Thanksgiving. That stuff was so good, I think I will make it once a week.

Current Drink: Still Diet Coke. 

Current Favorite Favorite: My husband. I am enjoying his company even more than usual lately.

Current Wishlist: 13 inch Macbook. I don't care if it is a plain Macbook, a Macbook Pro or an Air Mac. Just so long as it is 13 inches and made by Apple.  ;)

Current Needs: A med switch. I am not myself on this medication. My poetry? It sucketh. Some part of my brain that is essentially what makes me, well, me, is not working.

Current Triumphs: Completing my manuscript.

Current Bane-of-my-Existence: My hair. I have let it grow so I can wear it down in my sister's wedding. I put it into a ponytail as soon as I shower each morning. It drives me nuts.

Current Celebrity Crush: Nada

Current Indulgence: This morning, Haydn and I stopped at Hardee's for terribly unhealthy sausage biscuits.

Current Mood: eh. It is better today than the last few days. I had a dream last night that felt like a prophesy. It boosted my spirits considerably.

Current #1 Blessing: We leave for SC on Friday, and Corey gets to go with us. His schedule is so crazy that he has not gotten to travel with me in a long time. I am looking forward to it.

Current Slang or Saying: Oy! I say it all the time. I write it even more than I say it.

Current Outfit: jeans, David Crowder squirrel shirt, pink bracelet that reminds me to pray for Louise, my rings and New Balance sneakers

Current Link: My Daddy has a blog now.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Multitudes on Monday - 10/3

1000 Gifts (2401-2450)

Lovely weekend wrapping up
Sentence starters
Tiny puppy, Rusty
David reading Magic Treehouse books
Benjamin playing with the cats
All about dreams
Funny sibling stories
Black eyeliner
Pink bracelet for prayer reminder
Light on my diamond
My husband's heart for God
"Love one person at a time."
Exciting new recipes
First two pages written
Surrounded by encouragement
Cheri has such a kind heart.
Reminders of previously rejected work
I am able to write freely.
Funny things
Many nights of sleeping safe
Rhythm of the broom
Gummy vitamins mean no complaints.
Sweet cornbread, still hot from the oven
Haydn's Lego pride
13 days till Carrie's wedding
When Corey has a class canceled and is early
Scholarship news :)
New season of "Parenthood"
Funny new TV shows
Haydn learning "Achilles' Heel"
Crockpot chicken dressing
Haydn's origami water lily
Haydn excited I am reading Warriors
Good talks with my man
David praying to see Savannah soon
Getting the whites clean
Dad blogging
Oatmeal cream pies in the cabinet
Being just a text away from Corey
The ability to homeschool
The comforting taste of brownies
Knowing my hubby comes home today
A life given to Jesus yesterday
Small group giggles tonight
Rosemary. I just love her.
Haydn helping without without complaint
Mother-of-pearl button poem


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