Monday, December 5, 2011

Multitudes on Monday - 12/5

1000 Gifts (2751-2850)

Good worship music
I wrote 3000 words today.
Disc is Mac compatible!!
Stealing bites of hot fudge pie
Tiny keys on silver chains
Gooey pumpkin butter cake for tomorrow
Soul Surfer tee from hubby
Small group girls doing headstands
Less than 7000 words to go
Yummy deviled eggs
A fun day with Savannah
Haydn growing up
Silly David
Kitty asleep behind my head
Watching silly TV shows with Corey
Putt putt place open early
When people share images with me
Go Kart riding
Pink bowls from Leila
Sonic Blasts
Thanksgiving dinner
My lovely husband mowing the lawn
That same wonderful man working so hard to clean and teach the boys to clean this week
Haydn eating the same meal as us
Freshly cleaned bathrooms, thanks to all 3 of my men
Memories made
Writing more than a few thousand words today
Daddy writing a blog and saying he loves me and my children
Afternoon reading Pat Conroy
The way Conroy writes about Thomas Wolfe
Subscribing to Special Offers on my Kindle
40% off educational toy from B&N
Corey's first Christmas happy arriving in the mail
Deviled eggs with supper
Hitch on TV
Funny movies
Curling up in bed at the end of the day
Knowing I can sleep in tomorrow morning
Sleeping under a quilt made by my mama
1000 Gifts app
Birdie above door - makes me think of Mama
WWF games before bed
Scripture printed and displayed
Breakfast cereal
Diary of a Mad Black Woman - always a good movie
Hitting 50,000 words!!
Yard Sale game
War and Peace, free on Kindle
Lazy day after Thanksgiving
Newest Indiana Jones with hubby and kids
Haydn and Hocus cuddling
David and Pocus and a coin on the head
Hubby has Mickey Mouse feet.
Finishing a marvelous book
Haydn's origami
Pocus sleeping on my legs
Cuddling under Corey's AU Snuggie
Moon Pie ice cream
Seeing new skills at work
Revisions underway
Haydn completing his schoolwork with little complaint
Warm cozy sweatshirts
Ordering Christmas gifts online
Free shipping
Sewing book for Leila
Greeting card for Daddy is ready to mail.
Card I designed for Corey arrived
Enjoying War and Peace, thus far
Warriors poster on schoolroom wall
My Bible reading coinciding with Haydn's history lesson
Twelve days of Christmas project
All the supplies needed downstairs
Able to manage the frustration
Paper boomerang makes him smile
Understanding roles in childhood
Colorful ribbon
18 cards for Daddy
Haydn writing paragraphs
Camera on my phone
Family Advent cross
Haydn teaching David to cook a pizza
Being able to remember
Hearing the boys use their words
Advent devotional with kids
Pre-starting the car
Writing with a fountain pen
Stack of cards to mail
"Unto us a child is born, a son is given!"
Making this list by hand again
Nothing broken when the cat jumped on my table
2011 vocal tests printed
Interesting dreams
Email from Daddy, yesterday
Finishing first revision
Meghan offering to proofread
Instagram photos by 7th and 8th grade girls
Christmas parade
Beef float
Ugly Christmas sweater float idea for next year
Mexican for lunch
Summary written
The boys playing outside all day


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