Thursday, December 1, 2011

But Decades Pass

In our homeschool this week... we have been reading about Assyria and Babylon. Haydn has a great poster, from a book he was given last year, that illustrates warriors from different countries and time periods. It is neat for him to see the people we are talking about as we progress through history. Also, my personal Bible reading happened to match up to our History chapters this week. I love when that happens.

Places we're going and people we're seeing... We just had a week off for fall break, and the whole family traveled to Alabama to see my stepdaughter for a few hours. It was a wonderful day. She is twelve now and turning into a little lady. This week, Haydn and I had breakfast at Sonic one day, while out running errands, but mostly we've been homebodies.

My favorite thing this week... I love reading The Lost Hero with Haydn. The story is, so far, just as good as Percy Jackson. I enjoy the new characters we are following, and both of us are learning. Also, when Piper spoke French to the North Wind, I was able to read it and translate for Haydn. Having not touched the language since my junior year of high school, I am a wee bit proud of myself.

What's working for us... Well, I am hoping this will work. We are trying something new. I emailed Haydn with links to 3 different kid-science articles. He can pick whichever he wants and read it. I tried to choose topics I thought would interest him, and he loves science in general. However, my son has Asperger's, remember? This is not part of his regular routine. I started simple, just asking him to read an article. No questions after the reading, no tests to take or papers to write. Still, he took one look at the email and threw himself to the floor, crying. I gave him a few minutes and then told him he could read an article or he could spend all day lying on the floor, his decision. He went to the computer and started kicking and banging, so I sent him upstairs to calm down. We will push through. I have to stand my ground and, in a few weeks, reading a weekly science article will be part of his routine. He won't bat an eye at the assignment. I once said that the American church has Asperger's and this is a good example of what what I meant by that. When something new appears, the church digs in its heels and starts making noise. But decades pass, and the very thing the church fought against becomes the tradition to which it clings (singing hymns, for instance).

I'm reading... I am about halfway through Siblings Without Rivalry and am experimenting with the methods suggested by the authors. I am seeing small successes, and that is very encouraging. In the car, we are listening to Scat by Carl Hiaasen. I think all of us are enjoying it. In my Bible, I am reading 2 Kings.

I'm cooking... I made pizza soup this week, and I am planning some crockpot mac and cheese for today. I cooked a lot for Thanksgiving last week, and we have been eating leftovers. My favorite was the Pumpkin Gooey Butter Cake. Heaven on a plate.

I'm grateful for... My husband and I have been married for ten years today. I couldn't ask for a more supportive man.

I'm praying for... divine wisdom in teaching Haydn, the patience to help my boys manage conflict without fighting, and peace in my husband's heart.

A quote to share... “Practice is the hardest part of learning, and training is the essence of transformation.” - Ann Voskamp

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