Thursday, December 15, 2011

Nine Loves

I am going to skip the generic answers like husband, family, children, God... That's just sort of a given.

1. Peanut butter and chocolate: Dove bars, Reese's cups and pieces, Peanut butter M&Ms, and the list goes on. Actually, a Hershey bar and a jar of peanut butter works just fine.

2. Books: I like soft-covered trade paperbacks, leather bound volumes, hard covers, old library books, brand new signed books, antique first editions, kindle downloads, etc... I like stories. I go through phases of reading certain genres, but the general rule is, if it is a good story, I want to read it. Not just big stories, either. Simple stories that are more about the characters themselves than any specific activities. Love those. Fantasy, Scifi, YA, Middle-Grade, Historical, Memoir... I like good stories told well.

3. Gadgets: I am a pretty simple girl in most things. I don't wear a lot of make-up or require designer jeans. The only jewelry I wear on a regular basis are my wedding rings. My nails are short and usually plain. But, I love gadgets. I had a Nook, sold it and bought a Kindle. I was recently gifted a beautiful Macbook Pro. Her name is Nikki. She and I are tight. Even when I know, 100%, that I do not need any new gadgets, I will still fall in love with one and pine for it.

4. Kentucky: I was born in Eastern KY, and it is home. It is home, because I can feel it in my blood. When I cross the state line, something inside of me shifts. No matter what I do with this life and where I go, the hollers of Eastern Kentucky are born inside of me just as I was born within them.

5. 90s Pop Music: It takes me back in time, and I am young again.

6. Church Book Group: Once a month, I meet with an amazing group of people from our church. There is so much collective wisdom gathered there, and I get to bask in it for a solid hour. They make me feel special every time I show up. I am blessed to have them.

7. Good conversation: There are some conversations that just flow. No one has to watch their words. A meeting of minds has taken place. I love those conversations.

8. Those Friends: You know what I mean. There are certain friends that just get you. You may talk every day or once a month or not for years and then meet again. It doesn't matter. When you do talk, everything falls into place. No one has to explain back story or worry about offending the other person. You just ARE.

9. Quiet: Yeah, I like quiet. A lot. I love when the house is empty and I have a good book and something yummy to eat. Naps and peace. Love.

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