Monday, November 14, 2011

Multitudes on Monday - Nanofied

1000 Gifts (2701-2750)

Pinterest board for my novel
Lovely Christmas cards arrived.
Mapping "Magnolia Park"
Sketch apps on Mac
Naming the Mac after Nikki Giovanni
Past the 17,000 word mark today
Word count widget added to blog
David's kangaroo story
Spider idea for paragraphs
LaVonna offering help
Laughing over "egg in face" with Melissa
Tomorrow is 11/11/11.
Jen's compliment on my poetry
My husband respects my time-needs.
Corey made a 95 on his Methodism midterm.
Tiny Prints catalogue
Tiny Prints notecards
Breezy weather
Giggling at the cat in the washing machine
Cookies and cream bar
Owl book idea
Curtains hung
Corey using my poem
Well-known music guys following me on Twitter
Finishing laundry
Corey compliments my cooking.
Honey hair rinse
Youth logo on sweatshirt
I hit 20,000 words today.
New format works better, flows more smoothly.
New Spinelli audio book in the car
Hubby getting treated to lunch
Recordable storybooks
Aerosmith in the morning
Hair smells like honey and cinnamon
Oven pancake prep
Rereading and thinking, "not so bad"
Dessert in the crock pot
Chicken and mayo sandwich
Many DVRed episodes of Parenthood await.
Finishing up laundry while watching TV
Painkillers for my teeth
Afternoon of Harry Potter
Whatever's-in-the-Pantry soup
Another 1000 words
Dishwasher running
Polishing off 2000 words
Someone thinking of me
Corey cuddling one of our cats
Hugs from Nancy
Chatting with Susan at The Invitation
Remembering whose I am


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