Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Multitudes on Monday - 11.7.11

1000 Gifts (2601 - 2700)

Cat checking out my bag of supplies
Verses about beauty
Seeing Mikah's name on my calendar
Praying in the name of Jesus
Morning naps to restart the day
Sweet cornbread, still hot from the oven
Best Buy guy in shiny happy suit
Mac ordered
No interest
Paying in cash
Haydn's patience while running errands
Accommodating pharmacists
Nanowrimo starts today!
Finding friends doing Nanowrimo
Vote will be over soon
Decal shopping
B and G's mugs look AWESOME!
Trick or treating with neighbors
Boys excited about candy
1,188 words written this morning
Haydn excited to find new book at the library
Maniac Magee on audio
Parcels gone for delivery
Stephanie Shepherd's pretty writing
Pink Pink Pink
Hard Rock sweatshirt from Vegas
Plans for a short road trip today
Hit 4,000 words on Day 2
Science experiment at bedtime
Watermelon bubblegum
Wonderful time in journey group last night
Simple Sheehan appointment
Packed to go
Eking out 75 more words
Clicking "update word count"
Finally got last bit put away
Stopping to write a poem
Sleeping in a loft full of books
Claw foot tub
Writing in the "writer's cabin"
Yellow fall leaves
Laughing with other women
Delicious food
Trying new things
Raggedy Anne an Andy
Devin sleeping on the window seat
Handmade quilts in abundance
Wood with character
"The Secret Life of Trees"
Solar power
White chocolate mousse
Giggly girls in my car
Remembering Christmas list excitement
Already light outside
A new week lies open ahead of us.
Warm inviting snuggly bed
When people like my poetry
Whole service of bluegrass music
Remembering, fondly, those who have passed
Not being afraid of superstitions
Good-morning kitty greetings
Able to see Hubby before bed
Sunday night talks with Rosemary
Meeting Becky, Glenda, and Ann-Blair
Morning lunch-making routine
Sunday full of poems
Cinnamon bagel and cream cheese
Dry erase boards
Dry erase markers
Found map
Lesson plans two weeks out
Index cards organized
More Israel next week (History)
Vocabulary lists complete
New root words not he board
Benjamin dancing with excitement
Eliza's birthday coming up
The sound of a text notification
Breaking the 10,000 word mark
Snatching moments to scribble down paragraphs
Breaking 11,000
Only one day behind now
Night Circus was a Nano novel
Hearing Haydn laugh at the funny part of a book
2 History chapters per week, easy now
Yummy leftovers heating up
10 free Christmas cards
Corey's sister. I just love her.
Eggs for supper
Both coats back here
Mac is in!
Emailing myself files
New poems to post
Reorganizing simple things


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