Friday, November 25, 2011

Friday Felicities: 11/25/11

Friday Felicities

Thanksgiving leftovers
Not shopping on Black Friday
Dad blogging
Boys checking the mail
Clean bathrooms that I didn't have to work for
Pumpkin Gooey Butter Cake

Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Reading Life

In my life this week... I have been spacey and stressed out. I am slogging through this section of my book. I was writing to my best friend, and I told her this is the seventh inning stretch for me. I have gotten most of the bones of the story down and and I am hoping for a win. I am tired though, and these last few innings could mean anything. I just need the crowd in the stands to sing a song and cheer me on. I can get to the end, but my brain is pretty much mush in the meantime.

In our homeschool this week... The doors of the living room were all replaced, at last. That meant workers in the house  a lot, which kept Haydn distracted. I am okay with that, though, because he was certainly learning. My 9-year-old can re-key a lock now. How's that for an education?

Places we're going and people we're seeing... We finished up this semester of CoOp. Haydn and I taught Origami and Haydn took a Basics of Drawing course. We missed the award night, due to some bad behavior on the boys' part, but all-in-all it was a good semester. For our last class meeting, we made Christmas trees from origami paper. Very cute.

Things I'm Working On... A more formal bit of science. I am not worried about it, because Haydn spends almost all of his free time playing with science kits or Legos, so he is learning a lot about experiments and engineering. But I want to go over some basics with him. Worksheets on human anatomy, the Scientific method, cycles of the moon, Periodic Table... the head knowledge, I guess. I am also working on organization. My kitchen table and shelves are overflowing with homeschool stuff. I need to sort and purge.

I'm reading... In the car, the boys and I are listening to Scat. I have heard good things about the author, and Haydn is really enjoying it, so that's a win. On my Kindle, I am up to 2 Kings in The Message and am loving My Reading Life by Pat Controy.

I'm cooking... I made a popcorn cake this week. Last night, I made no bake cookies (my favorite). I think I will make an oven pancake for lunch today. I have purchased food for Thanksgiving dinner, as well. We'll have a honey-baked ham, candied yams, green bean casserole, rolls, corn bread dressing, gooey pumpkin butter cake, and a hot fudge pie.

I'm grateful for... safety when we're driving. A teenager was killed in a car accident this weekend. It seems there is always someone dying or being hurt in a wreck. I cannot help but be grateful every time I get out of my parked car in one piece.

I'm praying for... a good visit with Savannah on Tuesday, a week of rest, my boys to quit fighting all the time.

A quote to share...

"...the poets never shout at you when you pass them by. Theirs is a seductive, meditative art. They hand you a file to cut your way out from any prison of misrule." -Pat Conroy


"[The poets] also poke you in the eye with a sharp stick and dare you to open them and shed your illusions. Poets are the conscience of the world and like most conscience shoved into a dark corner and ignored." -My Daddy

Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday Felicities - 11.18.11

No-Bake chocolate peanut butter oatmeal cookies
Purring kitties
Pat Conroy's latest memoir on the Kindle
Kindle library loans
Watching a DVR Parenthood marathon
Dad saying my story sounds good
Knowing hubby will be able to worship this weekend
My brown owl tee


Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I feel too young
to have so many graves
where friends used to be.


Monday, November 14, 2011

Multitudes on Monday - Nanofied

1000 Gifts (2701-2750)

Pinterest board for my novel
Lovely Christmas cards arrived.
Mapping "Magnolia Park"
Sketch apps on Mac
Naming the Mac after Nikki Giovanni
Past the 17,000 word mark today
Word count widget added to blog
David's kangaroo story
Spider idea for paragraphs
LaVonna offering help
Laughing over "egg in face" with Melissa
Tomorrow is 11/11/11.
Jen's compliment on my poetry
My husband respects my time-needs.
Corey made a 95 on his Methodism midterm.
Tiny Prints catalogue
Tiny Prints notecards
Breezy weather
Giggling at the cat in the washing machine
Cookies and cream bar
Owl book idea
Curtains hung
Corey using my poem
Well-known music guys following me on Twitter
Finishing laundry
Corey compliments my cooking.
Honey hair rinse
Youth logo on sweatshirt
I hit 20,000 words today.
New format works better, flows more smoothly.
New Spinelli audio book in the car
Hubby getting treated to lunch
Recordable storybooks
Aerosmith in the morning
Hair smells like honey and cinnamon
Oven pancake prep
Rereading and thinking, "not so bad"
Dessert in the crock pot
Chicken and mayo sandwich
Many DVRed episodes of Parenthood await.
Finishing up laundry while watching TV
Painkillers for my teeth
Afternoon of Harry Potter
Whatever's-in-the-Pantry soup
Another 1000 words
Dishwasher running
Polishing off 2000 words
Someone thinking of me
Corey cuddling one of our cats
Hugs from Nancy
Chatting with Susan at The Invitation
Remembering whose I am


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Multitudes on Monday - 11.7.11

1000 Gifts (2601 - 2700)

Cat checking out my bag of supplies
Verses about beauty
Seeing Mikah's name on my calendar
Praying in the name of Jesus
Morning naps to restart the day
Sweet cornbread, still hot from the oven
Best Buy guy in shiny happy suit
Mac ordered
No interest
Paying in cash
Haydn's patience while running errands
Accommodating pharmacists
Nanowrimo starts today!
Finding friends doing Nanowrimo
Vote will be over soon
Decal shopping
B and G's mugs look AWESOME!
Trick or treating with neighbors
Boys excited about candy
1,188 words written this morning
Haydn excited to find new book at the library
Maniac Magee on audio
Parcels gone for delivery
Stephanie Shepherd's pretty writing
Pink Pink Pink
Hard Rock sweatshirt from Vegas
Plans for a short road trip today
Hit 4,000 words on Day 2
Science experiment at bedtime
Watermelon bubblegum
Wonderful time in journey group last night
Simple Sheehan appointment
Packed to go
Eking out 75 more words
Clicking "update word count"
Finally got last bit put away
Stopping to write a poem
Sleeping in a loft full of books
Claw foot tub
Writing in the "writer's cabin"
Yellow fall leaves
Laughing with other women
Delicious food
Trying new things
Raggedy Anne an Andy
Devin sleeping on the window seat
Handmade quilts in abundance
Wood with character
"The Secret Life of Trees"
Solar power
White chocolate mousse
Giggly girls in my car
Remembering Christmas list excitement
Already light outside
A new week lies open ahead of us.
Warm inviting snuggly bed
When people like my poetry
Whole service of bluegrass music
Remembering, fondly, those who have passed
Not being afraid of superstitions
Good-morning kitty greetings
Able to see Hubby before bed
Sunday night talks with Rosemary
Meeting Becky, Glenda, and Ann-Blair
Morning lunch-making routine
Sunday full of poems
Cinnamon bagel and cream cheese
Dry erase boards
Dry erase markers
Found map
Lesson plans two weeks out
Index cards organized
More Israel next week (History)
Vocabulary lists complete
New root words not he board
Benjamin dancing with excitement
Eliza's birthday coming up
The sound of a text notification
Breaking the 10,000 word mark
Snatching moments to scribble down paragraphs
Breaking 11,000
Only one day behind now
Night Circus was a Nano novel
Hearing Haydn laugh at the funny part of a book
2 History chapters per week, easy now
Yummy leftovers heating up
10 free Christmas cards
Corey's sister. I just love her.
Eggs for supper
Both coats back here
Mac is in!
Emailing myself files
New poems to post
Reorganizing simple things


Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday Poem: Bluegrass

When the guitar begins
and the fiddle joins in,
the beat of my heart
The twang of a voice
grown amid the blue
grass of some Kentucky field
shakes my body and starts
my soul to quiver.
Suddenly I am
in another place,
a place where Mama sings
like a bluebird on a window sill
and my Uncle John is still alive,
clapping with his calloused hands.
Preacher's Native skin
is nut brown and warm
with life.
My heartbeat is the rhythm,
and rapid tears baptize my cheeks.
Oh, sweet friends on that stage,
how did you know the note to play,
the note that calls down fire
of Holy Spirit falling
through the hours and the miles
that separate?
How can I stand here in Tupelo
and also, somehow,
hold my mother's hand at Pilgrim's Way
and hug my Aunt Rosemary
as they lay her husband down?
The creek that runs through woods,
underneath a slatted bridge,
runs like tears from all the corners
of the earth,
and the music you are playing is the music I'll be hearing
when my Jesus calls me home.

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