Wednesday, October 26, 2011

On Notebook #3

I already typed this up. I did so on Monday, for my usual Multitudes on Monday post. However, the list got eaten by cyberspace and I could not recover it. I was a wee bit frustrated and am just now getting around to re-typing it all.  So, without further ado...

1000 Gifts (2451 - 2550)

Sharing my gifts
Our church book group
Children behaving in childcare
Soft light gray shirt
Sharing in the Kindle love
Barnes & Noble bag
Educator's discount on Warriors books
My kids sharing my love for books
Adding Latin root words to our studies
When Haydn is very polite
Haydn mixing up "adulthood" & "adultery"
Benjamin lying on his side in the sun
Homeschool outside
Lying on a blanket in the yard
Filling this second notebook with thanksgiving
Planning ahead
Upbeat song stuck in my head
Orange paper flower
Freshly vacuumed car interior
Pocus on his back while I rub his belly
Help from friends
Haydn lets me read to him.
Haydn's perfect origami flowers
"A Good Man-darin is Hard to Find"
Prophetic dreaming
Vicki G
Rollerskating in my dream
Looking back and seeing how far we've come
Normal routine
Early morning David confusion
Pocus kneading me with his paws
Dr. Sheehan commenting on Haydn's happiness
Friends' help with animals
Really good shows
David said my dress is pretty.
Back to routine without issue
Surprise free offer
Card from Vicki G
Mail from Bella
Protein bar for free
Haydn laughing at Percy never gets old.
Haydn completed 6th Warriors book.
Whales on Stilts via audio
Wedding photos
Books from Dad
A week of Eliza-cuddles
Sanity-saving phone calls from Leila
Sweet email from Cat
Whole Saturday with Sara and Josh
Long visit with Rebecca
Bella's drawing of me
People that just "get" me
Corey's reassurances
Seeing God use people
Being woo-ed by God
Haydn helping me (a lot) without complaint
Seeing pink polka dots
My husband - always
Hearing Olivia over the phone
Cat said I am wonderful.
Carpool convos with Leila
Happy pink surprises
No need for numbing
Sweetest note from Corey
World's best rejection letter
Showers of encouragement
Louise's love and trust
Leila is making something for me.
Sweetest card ever.
Curling up by David
Sweet return to my journey group
Warm under the sheet and quilt
Katie took beautiful pictures.
Spelling test app
Cozy in my pink sweater
Warm socks
Cute Halloween card for Savannah
Homecoming parade with family
Chatting with Dawn on Co-Op days
Seeing Rosemary at the parade
Rosemary got a promotion. :)
Sharing the idea of listing gifts
Feeling beautiful
Bags to donate
Cool facts app
Baking with 7th grade girls
Instagram photo of hands in dough
Smart cover
Letter from Bella in orange envelope
Mashed candy for cookies
Note from Gavin
Note from Rebecca in Halloween card
Writing letters on notebook paper
Neat handwriting
Feeling a project was successful
Everything back in its place
Haydn doing better at writing work


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