Monday, October 31, 2011

Multitudes on Monday - Halloween Edition

1000 Gifts (2551 - 2600)

Haydn saying he is doing better because he is "relaxing."
Feeling super-über productive today
Word play is fun.
Haydn giggling at himself
3 Amazon trade-ins today
Enjoying a cookie break
Hackey-sack owl
Mail happies
First ordered Christmas gift arrived
Leftover lasagna for dinner
I can write poetry again.
The missing piece just came to me!
Teeny tiny paper crane on the island
3 Dorothys
Wearing ruby slippers
Remembering old smiles
Erin Webb brought to mind
Blue gingham shirt/blouse
Virginia Woolf's diary awaits me.
Pharmacist greets me by name.
Thinking up good comebacks.
Papa John's
Sweet girls with pretty curls
Pinterest on an iPad
Pretty clean kitchen
Day with Ashley
Nail stickers
"That's what my mom said."
Lacey look
Reeses pumpkins
Our silly cats
Saturday breakfast yum
Ice cold milk
Brownie in a mug with peanut butter chips
Boys playing outside all day
Warriors book borrowed on Kindle
Balloons and hallelujahs
Amy Thomas
The Inspiration at The Invitation
Warm brown sweatshirt
His mercies are new every morning.
Shipley's donuts
My Sunday cup of coffee
Vanilla creamers
Sound of puppy nails on tile
Clinking of kitty collars
Nail compliments
Hubby offering to pick up lunch
Bible verses on note cards in purple ink


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