Monday, October 3, 2011

Multitudes on Monday - 10/3

1000 Gifts (2401-2450)

Lovely weekend wrapping up
Sentence starters
Tiny puppy, Rusty
David reading Magic Treehouse books
Benjamin playing with the cats
All about dreams
Funny sibling stories
Black eyeliner
Pink bracelet for prayer reminder
Light on my diamond
My husband's heart for God
"Love one person at a time."
Exciting new recipes
First two pages written
Surrounded by encouragement
Cheri has such a kind heart.
Reminders of previously rejected work
I am able to write freely.
Funny things
Many nights of sleeping safe
Rhythm of the broom
Gummy vitamins mean no complaints.
Sweet cornbread, still hot from the oven
Haydn's Lego pride
13 days till Carrie's wedding
When Corey has a class canceled and is early
Scholarship news :)
New season of "Parenthood"
Funny new TV shows
Haydn learning "Achilles' Heel"
Crockpot chicken dressing
Haydn's origami water lily
Haydn excited I am reading Warriors
Good talks with my man
David praying to see Savannah soon
Getting the whites clean
Dad blogging
Oatmeal cream pies in the cabinet
Being just a text away from Corey
The ability to homeschool
The comforting taste of brownies
Knowing my hubby comes home today
A life given to Jesus yesterday
Small group giggles tonight
Rosemary. I just love her.
Haydn helping without without complaint
Mother-of-pearl button poem


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