Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Multitudes on Monday - Labor Day

1000 Gifts (2191 - 2250)

Being able to encourage Corey via Twitter
Hearing Yosemite Sam in the other room
How hard my husband works
Realizing how imperfect David and Solomon were
Rose's Lips (Dr. Who)
Dr. Who marathon with Haydn
Knowing Corey loves me
Quote about novels and liberation in The Lacuna
Feeling inspired this morning
Email, Sunday, from Mandy B
Haydn requesting Dr. Who today
Haydn reading a book for pleasure
Haydn carried a book to therapy
Haydn came to read near me because it was "quiet."
Seeing Corey come through the door
The familiar feel of my husband's hands
Haydn had a complaint-free day
Mailing Chris cards for random holidays
Plenty of owl and flower stickers
Exodus Academy on return address labels
Owls on those labels as well
Confirmation that returned dress arrived
Reason to buy new glitter Toms
Dr. Who episode similar to a couple of Atwood novels
The boys are excited it's September.
Haydn cheering for bagels
I love lifting the flag to signify mail.
Haydn feeling confident, so far, with our math
Filling in my calendar months ahead
Erasing and Re-writing the kitchen calendar
Haydn reading while he eats
Co-Op registration today
Haydn pointing out vocabulary words
Joking about the woman who punched a bear in the face
The smell in a room where candles burn
Much accomplished before 7:15 AM
Haydn only missed one on Reading Comp today
Owl-stamping envelopes
Cake batter blondies from Pinterest recipe
Haydn using YouTube to build Lego cars
Making a phone call without anxiety
Family Fridays with pizza and a movie
Pretty bird at Vet's office
Benjamin, fluffy and clean
Oven pancake
Crockpot BBQ chicken
Dinner at the table with Corey
"THINK" for the wall
Hearing a POW speak at church
Crashing college Sunday School
Lego soda machine
Sims on Facebook
Crying over a novel's ending
Weekly lists prepared
Haydn happy to read his Action Bible
Cuddling Benjamin
Picture of Daddy as a baby
Haydn wanting to make a YouTube video
Laughing at Maryland Uniform tweets with Corey
"Wheels within Wheels" in God in the Yard


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