Monday, September 26, 2011

Multitudes on Monday - 9/26/11

1000 Gifts (2351-2400)

Both boys already awake for school
Blog visitor from Brooklyn, NY
Encouragement from Joss
Haydn telling me about Warrior clans
Bright blue Making Lemonade cover
Remembering the story
Dirt disappears
Small improvements barely visible
Current blog look sparkles
Haydn is reading outside.
Floors swept clean
Empty silver sink
Wiped-clean lenses
Clearing out corners
New youth calendar
Reading a whole novel in one day
Comments from old friends
My good man
Tiny footballs
Excited Benjamin
Seeing Lee Anne Grace in carpool line
A morning Mello Yello
Cleaned out car
Haydn is so excited about reading.
Haydn started Warriors #3.
Got a first line I LOVE!!
Laughing gas
Something small to give
When I can make Corey laugh
Money to do our home repairs
Giggling girls
Sleeping puppy in my arms
Sharing TS stories
New words, Apophatic and Kataphatic
Tiny ball of black fur
David's theories
Red velvet cake ice cream
So happy when he's home
Laughing with Haydn
Grabbing a Red Box for family night
How excited my boys are for family night
Saturday morning tradition
Pot pies
Extra sleep in the AM
Organizing Pinterest boards
Watching the boys play football together
Tickling little boy who giggles
Watching Soul Surfer with the family
Being called Sleeping Beauty
Really good small group tonight


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