Monday, September 19, 2011

Multitudes on Monday - 9/19/11

1000 Gifts (2301-2350)

David learning to wash clothes
Brownie batter
A book that sucks me in
Haydn offering to wash dishes
Haydn asking to trim bushes
Magic and fairy tales
Finding chocolate coins
A friend's beautiful smile
Savannah Blueberry
Handful of Dum Dums
Origami butterfly
When books go down like candy
Haydn built a lawn mower with Legos.
Only one tantrum in more than a week.
Corey excited about a revival
Won a free book
Discovering a new author to love
There will be a sequel to Miss Peregrine.
Corey using "beauty for ashes" in a sermon
Night Circus released today
Morning hugs
Tickling David's feet to wake him
Muffin mix
Sweet and cool on sore throat
Phone call over with
Strawberry muffins
Seeing Haydn shine when he folds origami
One hour of conversation with other women
A whole pile of bookish blessings
Compliment on my painted Toms
Small boy learning to be big
Reminders of how far we've come
Playful teasing
Throat lozenge
The Boy Who Loved Words
Getting to do something for someone who is Jesus
Depositing a check
Haydn started the second Warriors book
Purple cords
A good night of sleep
Pony-tail length
Kids completed their chores
I have the world's most helpful husband
She read the chapter!
She liked the chapter!
Completing latest read-through
Paper Towns, the book
Paper towns, the concept
Remembering to wear my rainboots
Corey being close


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