Monday, September 12, 2011

Multitudes on Monday - 9/12/11

(1000 Gifts 2251 - 2300)

The book I want is there.
Working WITH the therapists
David counting down to Challenge
Haydn came downstairs in a silly mood.
4th and final book in a series checked in
Haydn has read 94 pages in a novel.
Haydn's therapists affirming my decisions
"Parable of the Lost Son" coming at just the right time
David loves Wednesdays.
Clean, clear lenses
David reciting his 4 times table
Pharmacists that really care bless me so much.
Haydn made 100% on his reading comp from yesterday.
Simple predictable routine to reign in the chaos
Haydn is up to chapter 9 in a novel.
Burger King chicken sandwich
"Amazing Grace"
Surprise "happy"
Writing-encouragement from friends
Some of Haydn's test scores were really good.
Waking up beside the most amazing man in the world.
Cut perfect squares
Haydn counting down to Co-Op
Colored pencils - sharpened
New tubes of mint Chapstick
Reconnecting with an old friend
Seeing Haydn help others at Co-Op
David making all A's
Table full of paper cranes
Finishing a lovely book series
Time with other grown-ups at Co-Op
Neighborhood boy asking Haydn to play
When Corey mentions me in a tweet
Cinnamon pizza
Haydn has had a pretty decent attitude this week.
Haydn's sketches from his drawing class
Family Fun Night every Friday
Little dog, basking in sunshine
Sitting outside in peace
Not having a car payment
College Sunday School
Reminders of blessings
Haydn having a better attitude today
Trentice complimenting Haydn
Rosemary was not hurt
Hummus and pita bread for lunch
Relaxing weekend
Sharing an old favorite
Video of Eliza pushing the toy I sent her
Easy-to-use calendar on my phone
The boys happy to trim bushes


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