Friday, September 9, 2011

Books Like Me

In my life this week... things were busy but good. We started back to CoOp and I have joined a journey group at church. Haydn still has twice a week therapy, and David is back to choir and boys' Bible study on Wednesdays. 

In our homeschool this week... we have continued our study of Ancient Egypt. Haydn built a pyramid with Lego bricks, and we learned about astronomy and math in Egypt. I was amused to discover one of the world's first math textbooks was titled How to Obtain Information about All Things Dark and Mystifying. We also finished Battle of the Labyrinth but the library copy of the final book is checked out. Haydn helped me teach an origami class for CoOp and he is taking Basics of Drawing.

My favorite thing this week was... Haydn enjoying a novel that he decided to read ON HIS OWN. I cannot stress this enough. He picked up the first book in Erin Hunter's Warriors series and is over halfway through it. After years of begging my kids to enjoy reading, they both are starting to get it. David finished two Magic Treehouse books this week. 

Questions and thoughts I have... This week, it hit me. Of course Haydn struggles with language. He has Aspergers, so his brain is literal and logical. The English language is neither. Our spelling often makes no sense. Words are borrowed from Greek, Latin, French, you name it. We read all numbers left to right, except for 13-19, when suddenly, we read them right to left. There are seemingly random silent letters on the ends of words. And why do words like 'know' and 'knot' start with a k? Shouldn't fever rhyme with ever? Maybe if Haydn were German or something, language would not be so hard for him.

Things I'm working on... I am doing another read-thru edit of my manuscript. 

I'm reading... The Peach Keeper by Sarah Addison Allen. I have loved all of her books, and I am already enjoying this one. A bit southern and a bit magical. Just right. I finished the fourth book in the Seasons of Marriage series yesterday. I don't usually enjoy Christian fiction, but I loved those. Great characters. I really cared what happened to each person in the story. 

I'm cooking... I made an oven pancake last weekend and plan to start our Saturday with one again this weekend. It looks funny and tastes yummy.

I'm grateful for... the Internet. When used well, it can really keep me connected to the outside world, and I need that. Also, I am grateful for my husband, who is brilliant and handsome and just exactly what the doctor ordered.

I'm praying for... scholarships to help with Corey's tuition, wisdom in teaching Haydn, grace in my attitude.

Quote to share... "She accepted it from then on. Books liked her. Books wanted to look after her." 
— Sarah Addison Allen


  1. I seriously want to buy your book. Like rightnah!! Once u get published I won't go behind your back and sell my first edition copy. ;P can I pay u to email me?

  2. I can send you the file, if you like. It would be revised a billion times I am sure before it was published, if that ever happens.


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