Monday, September 26, 2011

Multitudes on Monday - 9/26/11

1000 Gifts (2351-2400)

Both boys already awake for school
Blog visitor from Brooklyn, NY
Encouragement from Joss
Haydn telling me about Warrior clans
Bright blue Making Lemonade cover
Remembering the story
Dirt disappears
Small improvements barely visible
Current blog look sparkles
Haydn is reading outside.
Floors swept clean
Empty silver sink
Wiped-clean lenses
Clearing out corners
New youth calendar
Reading a whole novel in one day
Comments from old friends
My good man
Tiny footballs
Excited Benjamin
Seeing Lee Anne Grace in carpool line
A morning Mello Yello
Cleaned out car
Haydn is so excited about reading.
Haydn started Warriors #3.
Got a first line I LOVE!!
Laughing gas
Something small to give
When I can make Corey laugh
Money to do our home repairs
Giggling girls
Sleeping puppy in my arms
Sharing TS stories
New words, Apophatic and Kataphatic
Tiny ball of black fur
David's theories
Red velvet cake ice cream
So happy when he's home
Laughing with Haydn
Grabbing a Red Box for family night
How excited my boys are for family night
Saturday morning tradition
Pot pies
Extra sleep in the AM
Organizing Pinterest boards
Watching the boys play football together
Tickling little boy who giggles
Watching Soul Surfer with the family
Being called Sleeping Beauty
Really good small group tonight


Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday Felicities - 9/23/11

Friday Felicities

White chocolate macadamia nut Cliff bars
Two long talks with Leila in one week
Laughing with my husband
Interest from an agent
My boys devouring novels like candy
A zip-line the boys created in the side yard
Learning new words (apophatic and kataphatic)
Feeling very good inside


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Are You There God? It's Me, Heather.

Are you there, God,
behind the steering wheel,
turned right
to make the engine purr?
Are You just
a tool in my hand
when I mean You to be
I hang my hopes on You,
keys to home and car
his Camry and my
old house, an office,
doors I have forgotten.
Are You there, or have I
locked You out?


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A few myths about ADHD...

Kids will grow out of it. Ha! Don't I wish. Certainly, people who have an ADHD-type personality may mature out of some bad habits. And I will even give you the hope that people learn coping mechanisms and may find they have instilled within themselves the ability to conquer issues that once plagued them. For instance, I learned pretty early that if I take notes in class, I pay closer attention. Even doodling while a professor speaks can make listening easier. I still use this tactic. I write poetry during sermons. I allow my son to mold clay or draw when I read to him. My attention-span didn't get longer. I just learned to work with my brain instead of against it.

ADHD meds will turn me/my child into a zombie. Um, no. If you are on a med that is making you a zombie, please speak to your doctor. Not all medications work the same from person to person. Body chemistry is unique and reacts in a unique manner. Medication should be a tool that helps you help yourself. It's like this: my brain is an iPod set to shuffle. My medication creates a playlist. The songs in that list may play at random, but only the songs on the list will play. Meds impose loose order on the chaos. They do not change who I am. 

I am not hyperactive, so I must not have ADHD. Most people would not call me hyper. I would probably pass for the inattentive type of ADHD. My brain, however, is quite hyper. While you are talking to me, I have probably been making multiple connections to your every word and plotting 15 different ways in which I might respond when I can. This leads me to interrupt...a lot. I am working on that. And, when I do talk, you might see no relation between what you said and how I respond. 

For example... you are telling me about your first day at a new job. Specifically, you are explaining how you feel about the boss, whose name is Angela. I hear you and remember I once worked with a lady named Angela as well. I remember how my Angela always wore really high heels, even though we worked retail and were on our feet all evening. That reminds me that I need to pick up the shoes I am wearing to a wedding next week, which reminds me that I have not asked if you are going to the wedding. You finish listing the reasons you dislike Boss-Angela, and I reply, "Are you going to Jennifer's wedding next week?"
You see no connection between your work day and my inquiry. You probably feel like I wasn't listening. I was. My brain is just hyper and doesn't slow down. Probably, at the exact same time I was making those random connections, I was still hearing you talk and making more connections in the background of the original set. 

ADHD is bad. No, it isn't. It is a different way for the brain to work. It may require extra tools to bend your brain to your will, but it isn't a negative attribute. Because of how my brain works, I look at the world differently than most. This unique outlook allows me to write. It also means I can see different sides of the same problem. Because of that, I may come up with a solution no one else could see. 

Monday, September 19, 2011

Multitudes on Monday - 9/19/11

1000 Gifts (2301-2350)

David learning to wash clothes
Brownie batter
A book that sucks me in
Haydn offering to wash dishes
Haydn asking to trim bushes
Magic and fairy tales
Finding chocolate coins
A friend's beautiful smile
Savannah Blueberry
Handful of Dum Dums
Origami butterfly
When books go down like candy
Haydn built a lawn mower with Legos.
Only one tantrum in more than a week.
Corey excited about a revival
Won a free book
Discovering a new author to love
There will be a sequel to Miss Peregrine.
Corey using "beauty for ashes" in a sermon
Night Circus released today
Morning hugs
Tickling David's feet to wake him
Muffin mix
Sweet and cool on sore throat
Phone call over with
Strawberry muffins
Seeing Haydn shine when he folds origami
One hour of conversation with other women
A whole pile of bookish blessings
Compliment on my painted Toms
Small boy learning to be big
Reminders of how far we've come
Playful teasing
Throat lozenge
The Boy Who Loved Words
Getting to do something for someone who is Jesus
Depositing a check
Haydn started the second Warriors book
Purple cords
A good night of sleep
Pony-tail length
Kids completed their chores
I have the world's most helpful husband
She read the chapter!
She liked the chapter!
Completing latest read-through
Paper Towns, the book
Paper towns, the concept
Remembering to wear my rainboots
Corey being close


Monday, September 12, 2011

Multitudes on Monday - 9/12/11

(1000 Gifts 2251 - 2300)

The book I want is there.
Working WITH the therapists
David counting down to Challenge
Haydn came downstairs in a silly mood.
4th and final book in a series checked in
Haydn has read 94 pages in a novel.
Haydn's therapists affirming my decisions
"Parable of the Lost Son" coming at just the right time
David loves Wednesdays.
Clean, clear lenses
David reciting his 4 times table
Pharmacists that really care bless me so much.
Haydn made 100% on his reading comp from yesterday.
Simple predictable routine to reign in the chaos
Haydn is up to chapter 9 in a novel.
Burger King chicken sandwich
"Amazing Grace"
Surprise "happy"
Writing-encouragement from friends
Some of Haydn's test scores were really good.
Waking up beside the most amazing man in the world.
Cut perfect squares
Haydn counting down to Co-Op
Colored pencils - sharpened
New tubes of mint Chapstick
Reconnecting with an old friend
Seeing Haydn help others at Co-Op
David making all A's
Table full of paper cranes
Finishing a lovely book series
Time with other grown-ups at Co-Op
Neighborhood boy asking Haydn to play
When Corey mentions me in a tweet
Cinnamon pizza
Haydn has had a pretty decent attitude this week.
Haydn's sketches from his drawing class
Family Fun Night every Friday
Little dog, basking in sunshine
Sitting outside in peace
Not having a car payment
College Sunday School
Reminders of blessings
Haydn having a better attitude today
Trentice complimenting Haydn
Rosemary was not hurt
Hummus and pita bread for lunch
Relaxing weekend
Sharing an old favorite
Video of Eliza pushing the toy I sent her
Easy-to-use calendar on my phone
The boys happy to trim bushes


Friday, September 9, 2011

Books Like Me

In my life this week... things were busy but good. We started back to CoOp and I have joined a journey group at church. Haydn still has twice a week therapy, and David is back to choir and boys' Bible study on Wednesdays. 

In our homeschool this week... we have continued our study of Ancient Egypt. Haydn built a pyramid with Lego bricks, and we learned about astronomy and math in Egypt. I was amused to discover one of the world's first math textbooks was titled How to Obtain Information about All Things Dark and Mystifying. We also finished Battle of the Labyrinth but the library copy of the final book is checked out. Haydn helped me teach an origami class for CoOp and he is taking Basics of Drawing.

My favorite thing this week was... Haydn enjoying a novel that he decided to read ON HIS OWN. I cannot stress this enough. He picked up the first book in Erin Hunter's Warriors series and is over halfway through it. After years of begging my kids to enjoy reading, they both are starting to get it. David finished two Magic Treehouse books this week. 

Questions and thoughts I have... This week, it hit me. Of course Haydn struggles with language. He has Aspergers, so his brain is literal and logical. The English language is neither. Our spelling often makes no sense. Words are borrowed from Greek, Latin, French, you name it. We read all numbers left to right, except for 13-19, when suddenly, we read them right to left. There are seemingly random silent letters on the ends of words. And why do words like 'know' and 'knot' start with a k? Shouldn't fever rhyme with ever? Maybe if Haydn were German or something, language would not be so hard for him.

Things I'm working on... I am doing another read-thru edit of my manuscript. 

I'm reading... The Peach Keeper by Sarah Addison Allen. I have loved all of her books, and I am already enjoying this one. A bit southern and a bit magical. Just right. I finished the fourth book in the Seasons of Marriage series yesterday. I don't usually enjoy Christian fiction, but I loved those. Great characters. I really cared what happened to each person in the story. 

I'm cooking... I made an oven pancake last weekend and plan to start our Saturday with one again this weekend. It looks funny and tastes yummy.

I'm grateful for... the Internet. When used well, it can really keep me connected to the outside world, and I need that. Also, I am grateful for my husband, who is brilliant and handsome and just exactly what the doctor ordered.

I'm praying for... scholarships to help with Corey's tuition, wisdom in teaching Haydn, grace in my attitude.

Quote to share... "She accepted it from then on. Books liked her. Books wanted to look after her." 
— Sarah Addison Allen

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Multitudes on Monday - Labor Day

1000 Gifts (2191 - 2250)

Being able to encourage Corey via Twitter
Hearing Yosemite Sam in the other room
How hard my husband works
Realizing how imperfect David and Solomon were
Rose's Lips (Dr. Who)
Dr. Who marathon with Haydn
Knowing Corey loves me
Quote about novels and liberation in The Lacuna
Feeling inspired this morning
Email, Sunday, from Mandy B
Haydn requesting Dr. Who today
Haydn reading a book for pleasure
Haydn carried a book to therapy
Haydn came to read near me because it was "quiet."
Seeing Corey come through the door
The familiar feel of my husband's hands
Haydn had a complaint-free day
Mailing Chris cards for random holidays
Plenty of owl and flower stickers
Exodus Academy on return address labels
Owls on those labels as well
Confirmation that returned dress arrived
Reason to buy new glitter Toms
Dr. Who episode similar to a couple of Atwood novels
The boys are excited it's September.
Haydn cheering for bagels
I love lifting the flag to signify mail.
Haydn feeling confident, so far, with our math
Filling in my calendar months ahead
Erasing and Re-writing the kitchen calendar
Haydn reading while he eats
Co-Op registration today
Haydn pointing out vocabulary words
Joking about the woman who punched a bear in the face
The smell in a room where candles burn
Much accomplished before 7:15 AM
Haydn only missed one on Reading Comp today
Owl-stamping envelopes
Cake batter blondies from Pinterest recipe
Haydn using YouTube to build Lego cars
Making a phone call without anxiety
Family Fridays with pizza and a movie
Pretty bird at Vet's office
Benjamin, fluffy and clean
Oven pancake
Crockpot BBQ chicken
Dinner at the table with Corey
"THINK" for the wall
Hearing a POW speak at church
Crashing college Sunday School
Lego soda machine
Sims on Facebook
Crying over a novel's ending
Weekly lists prepared
Haydn happy to read his Action Bible
Cuddling Benjamin
Picture of Daddy as a baby
Haydn wanting to make a YouTube video
Laughing at Maryland Uniform tweets with Corey
"Wheels within Wheels" in God in the Yard


Saturday, September 3, 2011

So, Maybe I Was Wrong to Write Martha Off And Cling to Mary

I was reading a few blogs this morning, when I came upon this wonderful post about Mary and Martha. Towards the end, the writer says:

Before I end though I have to say sometimes I think we're all too hard on Martha after reading this story. If you go on to John 11 you'll see that when their brother Lazarus was sick she was the one that ran to Christ while Mary stayed in the house, and she made this testimony of her faith:
"Yea, Lord: I believe that thou art the Christ, the Son of God..."John 11:27

I was struck by this, because I had never connected the two stories in this way. I always read the Mary/Martha story and remind myself to be Mary. Jesus applauded Mary's choice. Mary was the 'good sister' so to speak.

All this time, I was missing the bigger picture.

Jesus praised Mary. Jesus taught Martha.

And, best of all, Martha learned. Jesus criticized her and held her sister up as a shining example of what was right. If you have ever pointed out one child's success to the sibling just not getting it, you know it can lead to negative feelings. If you have ever been the child compared unfavorably to your sister or brother, then you get an idea of what Martha must have felt. 

I can vividly remember fighting with my sister and being told by my mother, "You are older. You are supposed to set an example." That made me so angry. I wanted to scream and stomp and fight. My little sister was no angel. She was partly to blame. Why was I the one being singled out and punished. Not fair.  Not fair.  Not fair.

Martha, however, does not respond that way. She doesn't stomp back into the kitchen or slam the trays of food onto the table or even break china against the wall. She doesn't argue either. She listens to Jesus as He reprimands her. Then, later, we see the story of her running to Him when Lazarus dies, and we realize she learned. Jesus spoke, she listened and changed. 

Perhaps Mary is not the hero in this story. She already had this Jesus stuff down, but she was also the first to doubt Him when He did not show up before her brother died. Martha, on the other hand, had a wrong attitude to begin with, but when Jesus convicted her, she listened and made the change He said was needed. When they meet again, she is a different woman. 

In my prayer and study time, lately, I have felt very convicted. I have a sharp tongue with my family. I don't set out to, but I don't set out not to either. I am lax with my grace-giving as a wife and as a mother. I am Martha, and Jesus has spoken. Now, will I listen and change?


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