Friday, August 12, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up

In my life, this week... I was reminded, by a dear friend, to ask Jesus to give me just enough grace for the day. As a result, the second half of the week was a vast improvement on the first. 

In our homeschool this week... We got off to a rough start. The summer was not as structured as I had intended it to be, and jumping back into schoolwork sent Haydn spiraling. By midweek, we were beginning to breathe again. Today, he had a doctor's appt. Add that to his dislike of writing anything, and he was still completing schoolwork when his brother was home for the day. Oy!

Helpful homeschool tips or advice to share... I try to mix the things I know Haydn will struggle with in with the fun stuff, so he does not get burned out too quickly. For instance, in between cursive copywork and his vocabulary assignment, I will have him watch an episode of Beakman's World. Sometimes this averts the crisis. He has half an hour of laughing and learning happily before he dives back into the rough stuff.

I am inspired by... Haydn's therapists. They have him reading eighth grade materials and doing fifth grade math exercises. I know he can do it, and I appreciate their patience in helping him see for himself that he can do it. It never fails that, whatever I am worried about him learning he will end up tackling in some small way in his therapy sessions. 

Places we're going and people we're seeing... Corey is taking the boys to a Redbirds game this evening. I am heading out by myself, perhaps seeing a movie with friends. My parents were in town last week, and this week I sort of huddled down and worked on getting Haydn through our first week back in the swing of things.

My favorite thing this week was... Haydn's excitement over the 4th Percy Jackson novel. He loves this series and is already lamenting its end. If I teach him nothing more than the love of story, I will feel successful. Also we are beginning Story of the World, and I took Haydn on an "archaeological dig" into his memory chest and baby books.

What's working for us... We will be starting Math-U-See soon, but for this week I had him doing Math review on Time4Learning. I also have him doing science on there, as I am still battling with my curriculum choice in that area. I love how simple Time4Learning is. I like to use them, a month here and a month there, when I am either between curriculum decisions or traveling quite a bit. Also, I love them for review. Haydn enjoys most of the game-like activities, and he gets instant grade results. He was very proud to make 80% on a math quiz today after a summer of no math. I was proud too, actually.

Questions or thoughts I have... I wish I knew how to make the love for story Haydn has when I am reading to him transfer to his independent reading time. I make him do one chapter or 15 minutes of on-his-own reading each day, and he hates it.

Things I am working on... I want to be better at executing hands-on activities this semester. I planned fun things, last semester, but I often failed to follow through. He loves cooking, and I really need to have him doing more of it.

I'm reading... I finished reading Neverwhere and started The Martian Chronicles. I am on a bit of a sci-fi and fantasy kick, old-school style. I am also in James for daily Bible reading, and I have a few nonfiction books open on my kindle.

I'm cooking... This week, I made cinnamon-cream-cheese snack bars, and they turned out wonderfully. I also made some brown sugar cookies that the family loved, but I was not happy with them.

I'm grateful for... completing our first week without having a nervous breakdown, my therapist shooting off an email to check on me, fun conversations on Facebook and G+, the public library, bookmooch, and many other things.

I'm praying for... just enough grace for what God has for me today. Sometimes, just enough grace for what God has for me in the next five minutes.

A photo, link, video or quote to share... They blended religion and art and science because, at base, science is no more than an investigation of a miracle we can never explain, and art is an interpretation of that miracle. -Ray Bradbury, The Martian Chronicles

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