Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Multitudes on Monday (on Tuesday) - 8/16/11

1000 Gifts (1951-2050)

Thinking of Fahrenheit 451 when the screens were lowered
Virtual church service in Elvis' church
Explaining the "ice box" to David
Mom telling David about outhouses
Corey's shirt perfectly matches his eyes
Open house for David's school
Scifi and fantasy at Sanctuary Village Shop
New orange shirt
Toothless reminds me of Hocus
Corey being home tonight with us
Zooey Deschanel is getting her own show!
Plans with Mom for today
Light in living room from big windows
My boys snatching biscuit dough just like I used to
Safety can opener
David cleaning the playroom
Finding forgotten homeschool supplies
Being able to use same notebooks again
Fun thrifting with Mama
Electric pencil sharpener
Very sharp pencils
Emma Rice stopping by
Fabulous book from Emma
David's backpack cleaned out
Mom's chicken and dumplings
"Rules I Never Thought I'd Have To Make" blog entry
New-to-me shirts from City Thrift
Bowling with Mama
Pretty pink bowling ball
Math curriculum ordered!
Kindle Lending copy of Mr. Norrel and Jonathan Strange
Ashley Williams' voice
Sharing things I love with my Mom
My bright red Forever 21 tank/blouse
Seeing 7th graders at youth
Laughing at my alarm going off during youth
Hearing Corey teach on the Fruit of the Spirit
David goes to school TOMORROW!
Mello Yellow in a can, cold
Making David's lunch each day
Haydn asking why I am up so early
David wanting Mom's biscuits for breakfast
Seeing David already giggling with a friend on his way into school
Kid art hung on playroom walls
Giving a treat to my sweet Hocus-kitty
Already having the folder David needs for Challenge
Watching TV with family
Corey cooking out for the family
Carpool line with my Mama
Shopping with Mom all week
Being able to text Corey at anytime
Walmart's notebook aisle
Having self-control in a tempting situation (see above)
Flip top notebooks
Dreaming of that orange purse
One-month grocery run helped tremendously
Hearing my husband praise me
Humorous Twitter interactions with the youth
Tickets for boys to go to Redbirds game next Friday
Overdue "catch up" phone call with Leila
Lei's simple common sense can be so refreshing.
Haydn found his iPod
Making someone laugh
Izzy as Scooby
Seeing Deanne
Fun wooden owl necklace
Finding a quiet room in the youth building
Bunless burger - yum!
The Ashley hair-flip
"Ivy League" nails
Laundry done for Corey
Bookish convo with Noah and Josh
Coming home excited to write
Stacks of school supplies
90% on word count widget
Poetry workbook from Bookmooch
Hot, toasted, bagel with tons of cream cheese
Awesome make-up idea on Pinterest
Word count widget says 98%
Freshly showered feeling
Our wonderful youth at Junior High Retreat
"What is Love" youth video
LONG Sunday Nap
New gray t-shirt
Painting this morning
Dropping a cheerful David at school
Browsing Pinterest over breakfast
The Story of the World
Starting a new Percy Jackson book
Free audio book downloads
V8 tomato soup with shredded cheese
Free stuff from Kroger
Funny pic of Corey from Matt and Patti's wedding
Canadian bacon
Haydn's interpretation of a "state seal"
Corey home to talk to Haydn
Very excited boys, thanks to Matt Wilkins
Prayers, cause I need them
Love from Corey when I'm struggling.


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