Monday, August 8, 2011

Multitudes on Monday - 8/8/11

1000 Gifts (1851-1950)

Good writing books
Learning new traditions and rituals
Nearing the end of a notebook
Easter sunflowers blooming
"Let's go to the library" cheered up Haydn
Charger working again. Yay!
Corey is supposed to see Savannah this week.
Haydn helping me out
"Hey Beautiful" text notification
Bridesmaid dress is really pretty
Finishing 2 books
Countdown to Daddy chart
How clean bleach gets things
Fresh whites from the dryer
The simplicity of circles
Mailing a card to Leila, on a whim
When I begin a scene and the story flows just right
One scene at a time
The 1-inch picture frame
New poems coming quickly
Earned a $10 Amazon card yesterday
Haydn helping me put away towels
The feeling of making things clean
"Love you" tweet from Mandy
Corey with Savannah
The BIAY group praying alongside me
Writer convo with Erica
Quick mop
Google+ suggested I add Kirk Cameron. LOL!
Corey calling from his trip
Corey seeing Savannah today
Easy pick-up and drop-off
God fixed the car!
Sweet text from Catherine
Haydn saying "good morning," when I come down the stairs
Seeing Melissa and company in the mall
My glasses fit
Haydn excited to see clearly again
Bright orange Lens Crafters bags
Haydn happy about his new case
Haydn painting his birdhouse
Seeing Haydn excited for next Percy Jackson book
When Haydn is in a good mood
Haydn using the Countdown to Daddy chart
Haydn's solar fan
Haydn's excitement over making the solar fan
How quickly chores go if I just start
David excited over sunflowers blooming
Bright yellow blossoms
Post-vacuum accomplished feeling
Clean white stair rails
Sudden poem
Using sestina form to work it out
The perfect poem to submit to The Mom Egg
Remembering the gray linen dress
Pandora meets spotify
Sharing blogs
Freshly made bed
Owl pillow in center of other pillows
How simple a quick clean is
Owning stuff to scan
How pretty a fountain pen makes my handwriting
Mom texts now. :)
Mom and Wayne are at the Alabama line!
New season of Project Runway
Dana offering an interesting book
Mom and Wayne in Birmingham
My phone changing Bham to Bahamas
Sausage and pancake on a stick
Alabama Moon with Haydn, Mom and Wayne
John Goodman in anything
Cooking for family
Wedding photography
Peanut butter and honey
Video of Eliza crawling
Grocery run with my Mama
Corey and David are almost home
Almost finished reading 1984
Photos that make me laugh
Baby picture ideas
Introducing my parents around church
Andi walking on water
Water on David's pant legs
Raigan in bright yellow
Sapada asking for a "hand clap" of praise"
Our beautiful sanctuary
Mom's spaghetti 
Boys eating noodles
Devil's food cake in the oven
1000 words on Chapter 10 today!
Mama making homemade icing in my kitchen
My youth girls. They make me so happy.
Rosemary seeing owls and thinking of me
The word "windershins"
Laughing at "Modern Family"
Watching Colbert with Mom and Wayne
Being recorded for tourism site
Taking Mom and Wayne to lunch with kids, youth and Corey
Pretty little kitchen in Elvis birthplace


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