Monday, August 29, 2011

Multitudes on Monday - 8/29/11

1000 Gifts (2150-2190)

Lunch in Corey's office
New book I'm looking forward to
Olivia eating salad
Olivia letting me carry her
Target greeting cards
Great deals at Borders
Pretty gray and white duvet
Haydn begging to "play with Mr. Matt"
Giant box in the mail
Riding with Leila
Remembering my kids at Olivia's age
Healthy report from neuro for Haydn
Premise for book #2
Oz audio from Librivox
Haydn asleep in the car
Making it home with no stops
Corey liking my book
Fun new gadget from Amazon Vine
Frozen fudge cookies dough
Reading at the coffee house
Sharing Percy Jackson conversation with Josh
Captain Underpants memories
Seeing Kristen at coffee house
I so relate to The Patchwork Girl of Oz
Starting with a Companions group
The word "grace"
Double-chocolate cookies
Corey backing me up
Toy Story stamps for Corey
I can MUTE the conversation in G+.
Fun names to say
Corey notices when I clean
Availability of 2nd dose
Mars Needs Moms
Family night
Triple peanut butter ice cream
Boys completing their chores
Boys trying to hide and scare me
Dory letting me pet her
Great Oz quotes


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