Monday, August 22, 2011

Multitudes on Monday - 8/22/11

1000 Gifts (2051-2150)

The family atmosphere at Pathways
Being on top of laundry and dishes
Happy comment from LaRue
Dad reminding me I am half VanHoose
Watching a chick flick with Corey
Rereading and editing
Haydn looking at his baby book
Blueberry donut delivery from Corey
Editing coming along nicely
Less crying and complaining today
Haydn watching me cook today
Smell of cinnamon in the kitchen
Nicole's baby belly
Beth's baby belly
Chatting with Aimee, Monia, and Raigan
Steak on a stick dipped in ketchup
Dixie's balloon outfit
Call from Louise
Fun phone chat with Leila
CBell brought me owls!!
Being featured
Baby name discussions
Slipping into Neverwhere
Only one time-out ALL DAY!
Surprised by light-loveliness
Drizzling rain by a labyrinth
Going over Haydn's English without his tears
"cat nap"
Haydn getting vocabulary correct
David telling me how good the cinnamon bars are
Haydn going to help Corey look for something
Corey telling me I deserved a reward
99 cents nachos from Taco Bell
Yummy homemade desserts
Printing really great coupons
Starting Martian Chronicles
Invitation to a movie tonight
Cheri got her shirt
The way this green ink glistens
Fish oil samples in the mail
Shiny black paint
Applauding during The Help
Sweet elderly lady sat with me on the bench, waiting
Evening with CBell and Melissa
Seeing half our church at the movies
Saturday afternoon
You've Got Mail
"Happy little flowers"
Thinking of Natalie
Soft material of black gown
Waking up before anyone else
Still laughing about Haydn and the "state seal"
Sermon topic: Grace
Haydn's picture of grace
Best husband in thew world
Finally falling asleep
Called-in medication
Corey offering to take David to school
Waking up right before the alarm
Feeling a lot better this morning
David has the best principal, Kay Collins.
David "holding court" in the office
4 stitches and no tears
Corey to help me juggle such days
My very brief nap was a nice one.
Boys' new shoes were on sale.
White nail polish
Good word on WWF
Taking David's picture before he wakes up
Exploring Xanth - a new land for me
Thinking of Lel as I fall asleep
More lela-stories to tell
The PERFECT Grandparent greeting cards
Sleeping 13 hours and feeling so much better
Slick red ink
Ready to learn about ancient Egypt
Picking out new vocabulary words
When Haydn forgets to be mad and enjoys learning
Finding THE card for Mom's birthday!!!
Generic cover letter written
Outline written
Real letter in the mail. Thanks Rebecca!!
Group of girls in kid-section of bookstore
The Action Bible
Finding exactly what I went looking for
Random homeschool conversations in public
Educator's Discount at Barnes and Noble
The United States of Tara: Season 3, disc 1
Sleeping an extra hour on Saturday morning
Waking up with energy and enthusiasm
Writing a real letter
Scripture for sermon was perfect today
My girls clapped for me.
Long talks with Rosemary
Meeting the 7th grade girls
Kristen praising Haydn's behavior
Stickers on envelopes
Telling a friend how I feel
Affixing stamps
Mistake in my favor


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