Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Back2School: Time4Learning

We are on our 4th week of homeschool, this semester. We have had our ups and downs. One consistent good thing has been a month on Time4Learning. I decided, because it is often a struggle for Haydn to change routines, to start our year with a month of math and science using Time4Learning. 

Haydn loves science, and I struggle with teaching it on his level. Honestly, he rarely needs me to teach him anything in science. He will happily spend hours building a solar paneled fan or messing with wires to make a light bulb turn on. But there are some basics I wanted to be sure he was getting as we started 4th grade, and he enjoys the games and activities T4L uses to teach science.

As for math, it is a subject we both struggle with. In the midst of switching from summer days to school days, Haydn had a lot of struggles. I did not want to slam him with a new math curriculum in the middle of all that. So, I had him doing 3rd grade math on the T4L website. This was a perfect way to review some concepts before we begin using Math-U-See. It also bought me a month to ease into the routine myself and become comfortable with the new curriculum. Math is a scary thing for me. 

All in all, it was a win/win situation, using Time4Learning. We may use it again in October, when we will spend a week in South Carolina for my sister's wedding. My two favorite things about Time4Learning: Being able to use it for a month at a time and how easy it is to travel with the program. Anywhere there is a computer, Haydn can do his lessons.

This is our second time using Time4Learning, and I can highly recommend it.

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