Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Back2School: Time4Learning

We are on our 4th week of homeschool, this semester. We have had our ups and downs. One consistent good thing has been a month on Time4Learning. I decided, because it is often a struggle for Haydn to change routines, to start our year with a month of math and science using Time4Learning. 

Haydn loves science, and I struggle with teaching it on his level. Honestly, he rarely needs me to teach him anything in science. He will happily spend hours building a solar paneled fan or messing with wires to make a light bulb turn on. But there are some basics I wanted to be sure he was getting as we started 4th grade, and he enjoys the games and activities T4L uses to teach science.

As for math, it is a subject we both struggle with. In the midst of switching from summer days to school days, Haydn had a lot of struggles. I did not want to slam him with a new math curriculum in the middle of all that. So, I had him doing 3rd grade math on the T4L website. This was a perfect way to review some concepts before we begin using Math-U-See. It also bought me a month to ease into the routine myself and become comfortable with the new curriculum. Math is a scary thing for me. 

All in all, it was a win/win situation, using Time4Learning. We may use it again in October, when we will spend a week in South Carolina for my sister's wedding. My two favorite things about Time4Learning: Being able to use it for a month at a time and how easy it is to travel with the program. Anywhere there is a computer, Haydn can do his lessons.

This is our second time using Time4Learning, and I can highly recommend it.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Multitudes on Monday - 8/29/11

1000 Gifts (2150-2190)

Lunch in Corey's office
New book I'm looking forward to
Olivia eating salad
Olivia letting me carry her
Target greeting cards
Great deals at Borders
Pretty gray and white duvet
Haydn begging to "play with Mr. Matt"
Giant box in the mail
Riding with Leila
Remembering my kids at Olivia's age
Healthy report from neuro for Haydn
Premise for book #2
Oz audio from Librivox
Haydn asleep in the car
Making it home with no stops
Corey liking my book
Fun new gadget from Amazon Vine
Frozen fudge cookies dough
Reading at the coffee house
Sharing Percy Jackson conversation with Josh
Captain Underpants memories
Seeing Kristen at coffee house
I so relate to The Patchwork Girl of Oz
Starting with a Companions group
The word "grace"
Double-chocolate cookies
Corey backing me up
Toy Story stamps for Corey
I can MUTE the conversation in G+.
Fun names to say
Corey notices when I clean
Availability of 2nd dose
Mars Needs Moms
Family night
Triple peanut butter ice cream
Boys completing their chores
Boys trying to hide and scare me
Dory letting me pet her
Great Oz quotes


Friday, August 26, 2011

Grace. Grace. Grace. Grace.

In my life this week... I was confronted again and again by the word Grace. My theme for 2011 is Peace, and I have noticed Peace's twin is often Grace. Such as, in the opening of Ephesians, when we read, "Grace and Peace to you." I blogged about Stephanie reminding me to pray for Grace, and then our senior pastor preached on Grace. I also spent a night with my best friend and her daughter, Olivia Grace. Then I plopped down in a new journey group at church and, lo and behold, my first week's exercises are about... Grace.  I am no longer just asking God for Grace, though. I am now asking Him to help me give Grace to my husband and children. 

In our homeschool this week... we learned quite a bit about ancient Egypt. I absolutely ADORE Story of the World. We also started using The Action Bible, and Haydn loves that.

Helpful Homeschooling Tips or Advice to Share... Giving Haydn a To-Do list has drastically changed our days. Haydn feels more in control of his activities and I do not have to constantly answer the question, "What's next?"

I am inspired by... Unschoolers. I love the concept of folding our learning into regular day-to-day activities. With Haydn's Asperger's and my own ADHD, I have to impose more structure than I like. But I try to take a page from the Unschooler's book and look for teachable moments everywhere. I need to be better at this. Too often, I am distracted and annoyed by interruption. 

Places we're going and people we're seeing... We drove to Brandon after school on Monday and spent the night at my best friend's house. Haydn had a neuro appointment in Jackson the next morning. It was a really quick appointment, and we grabbed a treat from Cups before heading back to Leila's. We dragged Haydn out to eat, to Target and to pick over the bones of Borders. I got a few really great deals. We used Time4Learning while there.

My favorite thing this week was... Haydn aced his spelling test for the first time this semester. He also got 4 out of 5 challenge words correct. He was so excited when I wrote 104 on his paper.  :) I love seeing him do something well. He struggles with so much; he needs to feel good at something.

What's working for us... Visual Vocabulary. When I first started homeschooling, I would give Haydn vocabulary words to define. The next day, he made flashcards. The next day, he wrote sentences. Then I would quiz him with the flashcards and finish up with the test on Friday. It worked okay, though he HATED the sentence writing part. He always missed at least a few on the test. I decided to change it up a bit.  Now, on Monday he defines the words and still makes flashcards on Tuesday. On Weds, however, we do Visual Vocabulary. I sit down and explain each word to him, using the word in sentences and talking about why we might prefer it to another word. I also type the word into Google Images and show Haydn examples (when possible). I quiz him with flash cards on Thursday, and he only has to write sentences for those he misses. He has yet to miss one.  He works harder to get them right, because he really hates writing sentences. He has made 100 on all of his vocabulary quizzes this semester.

Questions/thoughts I have... How do I help Haydn be more positive? I have worked hard, over the last few years, to be less of a whiner and more cheerful. But it is hard to maintain my pleasant demeanor through a whole day with my negative child. He approaches every task as something that will be hard and not fun. He complains about how many words he has to define, how many items are on his to-do list, etc... He cries over every criticism or correction. He wails things like, "This will take 50 bajillion hours!" Over and over, I show him how his statements are untrue. We compare the time he thought it would take to how long it actually took to complete the task. I remind him he is not expected to be perfect but to always try his best. I offer prizes for work completed complaint-free. I still have a child whose default mode on a school day is anger/despair. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Things I'm working on... I am participating in a Companions in Christ journey group at church. I am working on doing the exercises daily instead of saving them all up for the day of the group meeting. I am also working on my tone of voice. I tend to sound demanding or condescending when I do not mean to. Well, in all honesty, sometimes I do mean to.

I'm reading... The Lacuna by Barbara Kingsolver. I just started it today. I love her work. I am also reading Battle of the Labyrinth to Haydn and a couple of nonfiction books: 31 Days to Clean and Don't Make Me Come Up There. In the car, we are listening to The Patchwork Girl of Oz.

I'm cooking...  I have a tub of fudge cookie dough I ordered from one of the youth. I have been making a few cookies at a time, which keeps me from over-indulging.

I'm grateful for... All of the wonderful materials that help me teach Haydn and feel confident in what he is learning. I am grateful that homeschool means I don't have to fight the system over things like an IEP or time out for therapy. I am grateful that homeschool also means my child is not confined in a room full of kids who do not understand him all day.

I'm praying for... Grace. Grace to do what I need to do and Grace to offer to those around me.

Quote to share... "She really is crazy," remarked the Glass Cat. "But that isn't to be wondered at when you remember how many different things she's made of." From The Patchwork Girl of Oz by L Frank Baum

Friday Felicities - 8/26/11

Friday Felicities

Fudge cookies
Oz books from Librivox
Free kindle Oz books
My married-name Bible
A new journey group
Beakman's World on Netflix Instant
Long letter from Rebecca


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Currently: Back2School Edition

Current Books: I am reading Summer Breeze. It is the second Seasons of Marriage book by Catherine Palmer and Gary Chapman. I don't normally read a ton of Christian fiction, because it can easily slide into cheesy. But I enjoyed the first of these books, when it was free for Kindle, and I saw this one in the church library. Working on book edits and getting back into homeschool begs for an easier read. In the car, we are listening to a Librivox recording of Rinkitink in Oz. Haydn and I are also reading Battle of the Labyrinth.

Current Playlist: Sometimes I put classical music on while Haydn does his schoolwork. Otherwise, nothing.

Current Shame-Inducing Guilty Pleasure: I honestly cannot think of anything. 

Current Colors: With all the excitement over my sister's wedding, I find myself drawn to orange a lot.

Current Fetish: Homeschool books. I got a new Origami book for Co-Op and also a nice copy of Geographica and some other tid bits over the last week. A few from Barnes and Noble with my educator's discount and a few from the going-out-of-business Borders in Brandon.

Current Food: Hot croissants. Really really big ones.

Current Drink: a daily dose of Diet Coke and then water.

Current Favorite-Favorite: My husband for reading my manuscript and offering helpful criticism.

Current Wishlist: an iPad. 

Current Needs: to get over wanting an iPad.

Current Triumph: Completing my novel-manuscript and a first round of edits.

Current Bane-of-my-Existence: Haydn's negativity. His auto-response to everything is that he can't do it and doesn't want to do it and should not be made to do it. It does not matter that the work ends up being easy and/or fun, he does not carry that over to the next activity.

Current Celebrity Crush: The lovely Zooey Deschanel has her own TV show this season. I will be DVR-ing that.

Current Indulgence: Buying homeschool books, as I said earlier. I will be stopping now, though.

Current Mood: A bit tired and blah, but mostly good.

Current #1 Blessing: Agencies seem to have all gone to e-queries and submissions, so I will not have to print tons of copies of the new manuscript.

Current Slang or Saying: "Grace." It is more a mantra in my head than a saying or bit of slang, but it is the most used word in my life lately.

Current Outfit: jeans and a black "love" t-shirt

Monday, August 22, 2011

Multitudes on Monday - 8/22/11

1000 Gifts (2051-2150)

The family atmosphere at Pathways
Being on top of laundry and dishes
Happy comment from LaRue
Dad reminding me I am half VanHoose
Watching a chick flick with Corey
Rereading and editing
Haydn looking at his baby book
Blueberry donut delivery from Corey
Editing coming along nicely
Less crying and complaining today
Haydn watching me cook today
Smell of cinnamon in the kitchen
Nicole's baby belly
Beth's baby belly
Chatting with Aimee, Monia, and Raigan
Steak on a stick dipped in ketchup
Dixie's balloon outfit
Call from Louise
Fun phone chat with Leila
CBell brought me owls!!
Being featured
Baby name discussions
Slipping into Neverwhere
Only one time-out ALL DAY!
Surprised by light-loveliness
Drizzling rain by a labyrinth
Going over Haydn's English without his tears
"cat nap"
Haydn getting vocabulary correct
David telling me how good the cinnamon bars are
Haydn going to help Corey look for something
Corey telling me I deserved a reward
99 cents nachos from Taco Bell
Yummy homemade desserts
Printing really great coupons
Starting Martian Chronicles
Invitation to a movie tonight
Cheri got her shirt
The way this green ink glistens
Fish oil samples in the mail
Shiny black paint
Applauding during The Help
Sweet elderly lady sat with me on the bench, waiting
Evening with CBell and Melissa
Seeing half our church at the movies
Saturday afternoon
You've Got Mail
"Happy little flowers"
Thinking of Natalie
Soft material of black gown
Waking up before anyone else
Still laughing about Haydn and the "state seal"
Sermon topic: Grace
Haydn's picture of grace
Best husband in thew world
Finally falling asleep
Called-in medication
Corey offering to take David to school
Waking up right before the alarm
Feeling a lot better this morning
David has the best principal, Kay Collins.
David "holding court" in the office
4 stitches and no tears
Corey to help me juggle such days
My very brief nap was a nice one.
Boys' new shoes were on sale.
White nail polish
Good word on WWF
Taking David's picture before he wakes up
Exploring Xanth - a new land for me
Thinking of Lel as I fall asleep
More lela-stories to tell
The PERFECT Grandparent greeting cards
Sleeping 13 hours and feeling so much better
Slick red ink
Ready to learn about ancient Egypt
Picking out new vocabulary words
When Haydn forgets to be mad and enjoys learning
Finding THE card for Mom's birthday!!!
Generic cover letter written
Outline written
Real letter in the mail. Thanks Rebecca!!
Group of girls in kid-section of bookstore
The Action Bible
Finding exactly what I went looking for
Random homeschool conversations in public
Educator's Discount at Barnes and Noble
The United States of Tara: Season 3, disc 1
Sleeping an extra hour on Saturday morning
Waking up with energy and enthusiasm
Writing a real letter
Scripture for sermon was perfect today
My girls clapped for me.
Long talks with Rosemary
Meeting the 7th grade girls
Kristen praising Haydn's behavior
Stickers on envelopes
Telling a friend how I feel
Affixing stamps
Mistake in my favor


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Multitudes on Monday (on Tuesday) - 8/16/11

1000 Gifts (1951-2050)

Thinking of Fahrenheit 451 when the screens were lowered
Virtual church service in Elvis' church
Explaining the "ice box" to David
Mom telling David about outhouses
Corey's shirt perfectly matches his eyes
Open house for David's school
Scifi and fantasy at Sanctuary Village Shop
New orange shirt
Toothless reminds me of Hocus
Corey being home tonight with us
Zooey Deschanel is getting her own show!
Plans with Mom for today
Light in living room from big windows
My boys snatching biscuit dough just like I used to
Safety can opener
David cleaning the playroom
Finding forgotten homeschool supplies
Being able to use same notebooks again
Fun thrifting with Mama
Electric pencil sharpener
Very sharp pencils
Emma Rice stopping by
Fabulous book from Emma
David's backpack cleaned out
Mom's chicken and dumplings
"Rules I Never Thought I'd Have To Make" blog entry
New-to-me shirts from City Thrift
Bowling with Mama
Pretty pink bowling ball
Math curriculum ordered!
Kindle Lending copy of Mr. Norrel and Jonathan Strange
Ashley Williams' voice
Sharing things I love with my Mom
My bright red Forever 21 tank/blouse
Seeing 7th graders at youth
Laughing at my alarm going off during youth
Hearing Corey teach on the Fruit of the Spirit
David goes to school TOMORROW!
Mello Yellow in a can, cold
Making David's lunch each day
Haydn asking why I am up so early
David wanting Mom's biscuits for breakfast
Seeing David already giggling with a friend on his way into school
Kid art hung on playroom walls
Giving a treat to my sweet Hocus-kitty
Already having the folder David needs for Challenge
Watching TV with family
Corey cooking out for the family
Carpool line with my Mama
Shopping with Mom all week
Being able to text Corey at anytime
Walmart's notebook aisle
Having self-control in a tempting situation (see above)
Flip top notebooks
Dreaming of that orange purse
One-month grocery run helped tremendously
Hearing my husband praise me
Humorous Twitter interactions with the youth
Tickets for boys to go to Redbirds game next Friday
Overdue "catch up" phone call with Leila
Lei's simple common sense can be so refreshing.
Haydn found his iPod
Making someone laugh
Izzy as Scooby
Seeing Deanne
Fun wooden owl necklace
Finding a quiet room in the youth building
Bunless burger - yum!
The Ashley hair-flip
"Ivy League" nails
Laundry done for Corey
Bookish convo with Noah and Josh
Coming home excited to write
Stacks of school supplies
90% on word count widget
Poetry workbook from Bookmooch
Hot, toasted, bagel with tons of cream cheese
Awesome make-up idea on Pinterest
Word count widget says 98%
Freshly showered feeling
Our wonderful youth at Junior High Retreat
"What is Love" youth video
LONG Sunday Nap
New gray t-shirt
Painting this morning
Dropping a cheerful David at school
Browsing Pinterest over breakfast
The Story of the World
Starting a new Percy Jackson book
Free audio book downloads
V8 tomato soup with shredded cheese
Free stuff from Kroger
Funny pic of Corey from Matt and Patti's wedding
Canadian bacon
Haydn's interpretation of a "state seal"
Corey home to talk to Haydn
Very excited boys, thanks to Matt Wilkins
Prayers, cause I need them
Love from Corey when I'm struggling.


Sunday Poem: Grace

After an email from Stephanie, my week improved. I was not surprised to find the sermon topic on Sunday morning was Grace. That's just the kind of God I serve.


Grace, she said.
Ask God for just enough
for the day.
Stumbling through,
tripping over my own
questioning my own
ready to throw my hands
up and walk away.
Grace, she said to me,
just enough
for the day.


Friday, August 12, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up

In my life, this week... I was reminded, by a dear friend, to ask Jesus to give me just enough grace for the day. As a result, the second half of the week was a vast improvement on the first. 

In our homeschool this week... We got off to a rough start. The summer was not as structured as I had intended it to be, and jumping back into schoolwork sent Haydn spiraling. By midweek, we were beginning to breathe again. Today, he had a doctor's appt. Add that to his dislike of writing anything, and he was still completing schoolwork when his brother was home for the day. Oy!

Helpful homeschool tips or advice to share... I try to mix the things I know Haydn will struggle with in with the fun stuff, so he does not get burned out too quickly. For instance, in between cursive copywork and his vocabulary assignment, I will have him watch an episode of Beakman's World. Sometimes this averts the crisis. He has half an hour of laughing and learning happily before he dives back into the rough stuff.

I am inspired by... Haydn's therapists. They have him reading eighth grade materials and doing fifth grade math exercises. I know he can do it, and I appreciate their patience in helping him see for himself that he can do it. It never fails that, whatever I am worried about him learning he will end up tackling in some small way in his therapy sessions. 

Places we're going and people we're seeing... Corey is taking the boys to a Redbirds game this evening. I am heading out by myself, perhaps seeing a movie with friends. My parents were in town last week, and this week I sort of huddled down and worked on getting Haydn through our first week back in the swing of things.

My favorite thing this week was... Haydn's excitement over the 4th Percy Jackson novel. He loves this series and is already lamenting its end. If I teach him nothing more than the love of story, I will feel successful. Also we are beginning Story of the World, and I took Haydn on an "archaeological dig" into his memory chest and baby books.

What's working for us... We will be starting Math-U-See soon, but for this week I had him doing Math review on Time4Learning. I also have him doing science on there, as I am still battling with my curriculum choice in that area. I love how simple Time4Learning is. I like to use them, a month here and a month there, when I am either between curriculum decisions or traveling quite a bit. Also, I love them for review. Haydn enjoys most of the game-like activities, and he gets instant grade results. He was very proud to make 80% on a math quiz today after a summer of no math. I was proud too, actually.

Questions or thoughts I have... I wish I knew how to make the love for story Haydn has when I am reading to him transfer to his independent reading time. I make him do one chapter or 15 minutes of on-his-own reading each day, and he hates it.

Things I am working on... I want to be better at executing hands-on activities this semester. I planned fun things, last semester, but I often failed to follow through. He loves cooking, and I really need to have him doing more of it.

I'm reading... I finished reading Neverwhere and started The Martian Chronicles. I am on a bit of a sci-fi and fantasy kick, old-school style. I am also in James for daily Bible reading, and I have a few nonfiction books open on my kindle.

I'm cooking... This week, I made cinnamon-cream-cheese snack bars, and they turned out wonderfully. I also made some brown sugar cookies that the family loved, but I was not happy with them.

I'm grateful for... completing our first week without having a nervous breakdown, my therapist shooting off an email to check on me, fun conversations on Facebook and G+, the public library, bookmooch, and many other things.

I'm praying for... just enough grace for what God has for me today. Sometimes, just enough grace for what God has for me in the next five minutes.

A photo, link, video or quote to share... They blended religion and art and science because, at base, science is no more than an investigation of a miracle we can never explain, and art is an interpretation of that miracle. -Ray Bradbury, The Martian Chronicles

Friday Felicities - 8/12/11

It is one of those days when I desperately need to count my blessings and rearrange my priorities.

Friday Felicities

Ice cold Diet Coke
The last blueberry donut for breakfast
Cinnamon cream cheese bars in the fridge
Mac-n-cheese for lunch
Being able to try something new
Phone calls from Leila and Louise
Random texts from people I love
The ability to text my doctor
Corey's wedding ring was found
Metal detectors rock
Finished Neverwhere


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Forgiveness and Bear Traps

I have been thinking about forgiveness. Specifically, I have been thinking about Jesus, hanging on the cross, praying, "Father, forgive them." I mean, it is one thing to forgive the past. You did something to hurt or offend me, but you are not doing that thing right now. It is in the past, and I can choose to forgive and move on. It is healthy to do so. You don't even have to be a Christian to accept that forgiving the past is best for your own mental health. I believe it was Anne Lamott who said not forgiving someone is like eating rat poison and waiting for the rat to die. It just doesn't work. Your bitterness only hurts your own heart. It may even hurt those around you, who you love dearly. I have found bad attitudes to be contagious.

The reason I have had this on my mind is because, over the years, Corey has been hurt again and again by his ex-wife. He misses his daughter and nothing he does makes the situation any better. Our last lawyer actually made the whole thing worse, making us less confident that the legal system will ever work in our favor. Or Savannah's, for that matter. The courts are very mom-biased. Apparently, we liberated women are equal to men, except when it comes to raising children, and then we are still better. This just isn't a fair assessment. Mommy knows best is too much of a blanket statement to fly in this politically correct America. It does though. Here in the south, at least, the Mother Superior colors fly high and proud.

So, I was thinking on how hard it was for Corey to forgive after his divorce. Then, I had an epiphany. Corey did not just get divorced, forgive his ex-wife, and then it was all better. He is still on the cross. The pain hasn't ended, and somehow he is expected to forgive again and again, over and over, while the nails are still in his hands and blood still runs from his feet.

With all of this spinning in my head, I hear Jesus speak again, but this time I finish the sentence.

"Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do."

I think that last phrase is the key. When someone is hurting us, we have to step back and remind ourselves that they cannot possibly understand what they are doing. They think they know. They seem very purposeful, but they can only see this one view of their own actions. It is a distorted view that makes them think they are doing what is best for themselves or someone else. It may make them think they are acting in self-defense or seeking justice that they deserve. Sometimes, the people even think they are doing what God would have them to do. Most of us, myself included, are guilty of the same. We mold God until he looks like us and hates who we hate and despises the things that we, ourselves, despise.

Parenting is a place where this occurs often, in my opinion. From birth, a child is in our care and we need to know what to do. At first, we may ask questions, but we soon develop our own instincts and begin to trust our parenting skills. Sadly, thinking we know best will sometimes keep up from hearing better counsel. Sometimes, we think we are protecting our child when we are really protecting ourselves. 

It happens a lot in divorce. I am blessed, because my parents always put their love for us before their lost relationship. I have never heard either of my parents say something bad about the other one. My mother got left, and I can only imagine the hurt that caused her. She could have kept me from my father. She could have convinced herself and possibly a court system that it was better for me and my sister to stay with her, because if Dad had hurt her, she needed to protect us from being hurt somehow... Right?  Wrong. Had she kept me away from my Father, it would have only hurt me from another angle. And, then, when I grew up a bit and began to look at the situation, I would have blamed her for taking my Daddy away. 

It is hard to be selfless in the face of divorce. Couples who are breaking up cannot help but cause one another pain. God has sewn them together and the ripping of the stitches will hurt immensely. When children are involved, the stitches never really come out. The couple is always held together by the child or children, and it is natural for one or both parents to struggle against that connection, like a bear with its leg in a trap. 

There, with children to protect, Mama Bear and Papa Bear will learn the lesson of Christ's forgiveness, the forgiveness offered while the pain is still being inflicted and when there is no end in sight.

Oh, Jesus, help us to forgive, always.


But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: 
While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.  
Romans 5:8

Monday, August 8, 2011

Multitudes on Monday - 8/8/11

1000 Gifts (1851-1950)

Good writing books
Learning new traditions and rituals
Nearing the end of a notebook
Easter sunflowers blooming
"Let's go to the library" cheered up Haydn
Charger working again. Yay!
Corey is supposed to see Savannah this week.
Haydn helping me out
"Hey Beautiful" text notification
Bridesmaid dress is really pretty
Finishing 2 books
Countdown to Daddy chart
How clean bleach gets things
Fresh whites from the dryer
The simplicity of circles
Mailing a card to Leila, on a whim
When I begin a scene and the story flows just right
One scene at a time
The 1-inch picture frame
New poems coming quickly
Earned a $10 Amazon card yesterday
Haydn helping me put away towels
The feeling of making things clean
"Love you" tweet from Mandy
Corey with Savannah
The BIAY group praying alongside me
Writer convo with Erica
Quick mop
Google+ suggested I add Kirk Cameron. LOL!
Corey calling from his trip
Corey seeing Savannah today
Easy pick-up and drop-off
God fixed the car!
Sweet text from Catherine
Haydn saying "good morning," when I come down the stairs
Seeing Melissa and company in the mall
My glasses fit
Haydn excited to see clearly again
Bright orange Lens Crafters bags
Haydn happy about his new case
Haydn painting his birdhouse
Seeing Haydn excited for next Percy Jackson book
When Haydn is in a good mood
Haydn using the Countdown to Daddy chart
Haydn's solar fan
Haydn's excitement over making the solar fan
How quickly chores go if I just start
David excited over sunflowers blooming
Bright yellow blossoms
Post-vacuum accomplished feeling
Clean white stair rails
Sudden poem
Using sestina form to work it out
The perfect poem to submit to The Mom Egg
Remembering the gray linen dress
Pandora meets spotify
Sharing blogs
Freshly made bed
Owl pillow in center of other pillows
How simple a quick clean is
Owning stuff to scan
How pretty a fountain pen makes my handwriting
Mom texts now. :)
Mom and Wayne are at the Alabama line!
New season of Project Runway
Dana offering an interesting book
Mom and Wayne in Birmingham
My phone changing Bham to Bahamas
Sausage and pancake on a stick
Alabama Moon with Haydn, Mom and Wayne
John Goodman in anything
Cooking for family
Wedding photography
Peanut butter and honey
Video of Eliza crawling
Grocery run with my Mama
Corey and David are almost home
Almost finished reading 1984
Photos that make me laugh
Baby picture ideas
Introducing my parents around church
Andi walking on water
Water on David's pant legs
Raigan in bright yellow
Sapada asking for a "hand clap" of praise"
Our beautiful sanctuary
Mom's spaghetti 
Boys eating noodles
Devil's food cake in the oven
1000 words on Chapter 10 today!
Mama making homemade icing in my kitchen
My youth girls. They make me so happy.
Rosemary seeing owls and thinking of me
The word "windershins"
Laughing at "Modern Family"
Watching Colbert with Mom and Wayne
Being recorded for tourism site
Taking Mom and Wayne to lunch with kids, youth and Corey
Pretty little kitchen in Elvis birthplace


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