Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday Poem: Fear

God has not given us
a spirit of fear.
That gift
was specially wrapped
in the pits of hell.
Satan himself supervised the elves,
tying bows in an assembly line.
A furtive little demon
was sent on his way,
holding the pretty golden box
so you would never recognize
the devil's handiwork.

Don't you dare
ignore God's gift,
the sound mind,
the boldness in your soul,
wrapped in nothing but the Truth,
tied with a line from
the greatest story ever told.

Turn away
from sparkly curses.
Turn away
from the shaky soul
threatening to overtake you.
Lift up the simple gift
of Jesus
and walk bravely
into a furnace turned to high.
Smile surely at the godless king
and meet your Savior
in the flames.


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