Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Poem Scribbled On My Way Out The Door, Last Friday

I thought about chemotherapy this morning,
because I was thinking about you.
I thought about the UV drip of poison,
and - for a moment -
I felt angry at God for this.
When we are broken and fallen,
He does not heap us with fear and lies.
In God's world, our world of God,
poison is not the path to healing.

But then I remembered how
In God's world, our world of God,
things are all flipped upside down.
Suddenly, I could see the liquid cocktail of chemo
as Christ-Truth, poisoning Satan-lies.
The medicine like His word
shot straight into veins,
killing the cancer and eating the fear.

If this makes you whole again,
I will look for God in it,
because I trust the Father to love you
even more than I can,
and I know He hates the cancer
that attacked His child, He loves you
even more than I can love you,
and what looks like poison
is not always poison.

Sometimes, what looks like new pain
is only the bridge, making way
for new love.

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