Monday, July 25, 2011

Multitudes on Monday - 7/25/11

1000 Gifts (1801-1850)

Trying on Tiffany frames
Running into Peggy Webb at Lens Crafters
Running into Caitlyn Wilson at the mall
My phone works again
David is excited about his show tomorrow
David can dress himself
Two books in the mail from Ashley
Finding name ideas in academic reading
Hebrew letters
Hebrew words
Finally remembering Cheri's shirt
David singing Christmas songs at the table
Writing a sestina in a parking lot
One hour of peaceful conversation
Lovely nap this afternoon
David rehearsing
Corey home early to surprise us
Snickers and Reeses ice cream
Homemade pudding pops
Jewish baby name website: Kveller
Painting "Harry Potter" on the stairs
New container of Tic Tacs
Hearing Corey say nice things about me on the phone
Surprise visit from Mandy on Tuesday
Clear white light
David excited about his play today
David telling me he misses his brother
David dancing on stage
David in his camp shirt
"Jimpressions" on youtube
Youth retreat moved to my house with zero panic
Island covered in teen-food. LOL!
Lit discussions on Facebook
My big brother looking handsome in a tux
David emptying trash without complaint
Compliments on my book stairs
April P knew about Ozma!
Red velvet brownies made by Lee Anne Grace
Bert and David made it safely to TN
Haydn and I made it safely home to Tupelo
Andi calling my name across the yard
Haydn telling me, "Andi is awesome."
Andi liked her birthday gift.
Giggling at Google+ video
Name meanings in the book
"Gimme Gimme" verse on the wall
Bright orange cardstock


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