Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Multitudes on Monday - 7/18/11

1000 Gifts (1701-1800)

She's pregnant!
Being right
When Haydn is happy
The smell of just-out-of-the-oven peanut butter cake
Picking a bday gift for Andi
Giggling over shared crazy with Leila
Boys' excitement of "Tech Decks"
Doing a favor for Corey
Peanut butter cake = yummy!
Smelling the boy's popcorn
Willpower to resist said popcorn
Kid lit
Friends helping with novel
Call from Corey during a trip
Picture Ashley drew... "She was never alone..."
DVRing for Corey
Ashley likes the start of the novel
Naming characters
Naming locations
Mulling over aspects of this made-up society
Chatting with Anne Rice in the library
Borrowing Lynn's copy of The Help
I wrote three pages yesterday
Bowled 143
Both boys broke 100 bowling
Started The Help
Tomorrow is HP premiere
Actually slept well last night
Getting the hang of G+
Pizza in the oven for me!
When Haydn looks at me, commiserating. LOL!
My white kitchen timer. Life saver!
Blue and purple paint
Top step painted
Only one step to go
Waking up on my own before 8 AM
Corey will be home tonight!!
Gayle feeling better
On the news
Feeling like Cinderella
Mrs. Weasley killing Bellatrix
Applause in the movies
All the youth in creative costumes
Running to the bathroom
Random people pictures
Finally meeting Carlie
Giggling after midnight
The Gospel is everywhere, even in HP.
Dark brown dirt
Red Spice paint
This pretty green ink
Word-count widget on blog
Haydn chattering to Pawpaw
Car ride with Haydn
Brownie bites
Chocolate chip cookies
Wrote another 1000 words today
Sugar/meat inspiration
Lovely chicken compliments
Seeing my costume by the bed
Catching up on sleep today
SNL funnies with Corey before bed
Looking at pictures again
Rachel's book suggestions
Beautiful scarves
Long phone-talk with Mama yesterday
Morning alone in quiet house
Bright yellow paint on last stair
Spotify invite
Wrote my 1000 words
Kell's story of love
One kid home
Corey napping peacefully
Angry Birds Stonehenge picture
Zoo Pals jingle reminds me of my kids as babies
MP's text
Boy from Estonia appears again
Hubby not against exchange student
Meat browned and saved
Clean trim around kitchen
Pink and purple school supplies
Peace sign bookbag
Playroom is semi-clean
Invites to share
Sliding memories into binder
Backpack of school supplies ready to go
David nervous about theater camp
Brilliant sunlight in playroom
Writing lela-prophesy while I shower
Sugar/meat in book ... make myself giggle
Youth adopting for bookbag project
Writing at ATL Bread
Cheese croissant
Finished Chapter 3
David's first day of theater camp
Ingredients for pizza soup

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