Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Don't We All?

I have written 4 complete chapters and started a 5th.
I am 25% of the way to my goal.
I enjoyed a writers group tonight.
I ordered new glasses this week.
I hate spending money on glasses.
I have to order Haydn new glasses soon, as well.
I am enjoying the slightly Jewish slant on tradition in my novel.
I finally read The Help.
I am flying through a Judy Blume novel right now.
I am considering The Lacuna for my next read.
Not sure.
Almost have enough points to earn another $10 Amazon gift card.
One of the girls at church is going to lend me Paper Towns.
That has been on my To Read list for almost three years.
I keep panicking, like I am wasting my time on this story.
So I keep picturing JK Rowling, writing in a coffee shop.
I see her nudge the baby carriage with one toe, rocking it.
I see her wondering, "Who cares about this geeky wizard kid?"
I see rejection notices for Harry Potter.
I realize I have to finish writing this book and TRY to publish it.
I only fail if I quit.
Haydn is enjoying a week with Corey's parents.
Next week, it will be David's turn.
Then my parents will come visit for a whole week.
Corey took David with him to help paint the Smithville house.
The youth did a mission trip there last week.
They joined a Habitat crew and built a house.
A whole house, y'all.
Those kids rock my socks.
I wrote the quiet times.
God used those quiet times and a boy from Estonia.
I was reminded that God sees and knows and shares His love.
It was a week I appreciated the reminder.
Sometimes, I feel like I cannot have enough faith.
I want to just fix it, and I can't.
So we go on living in the broken world.
We just go on living in this broken world.
Don't we all?

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