Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday Poem: Home

 Last Sunday, I missed Church because of health.  The Sunday before, I was at Annual Conference. The Sunday prior, I was driving to Kentucky, and the Sunday before that, we were driving to Washington DC.  A whole month of Sundays is too much.  It felt so good to be at The Invitation today.


is whispered as the doors
close out the world
I choose to leave

is brushed into my ear,
when she wraps her arms around me,
and I feel, for that time,
held up.
I will not fall.

the singer sings,
the keyboard plays,
the fingers on strings
strum into my bones.
I close my eyes
to sing.

is found here,
in the sound of chairs moving,
the sound of
scripture read aloud and
papers folded.

I came here,
this Sunday morning,
to be reminded of who
I am, and
He is.
This is who
we are.

In a world all alone,
we are

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