Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Multitudes on Monday - 6/28/11

1000 Gifts (1401-1500)

Owls from Cathy Jo
Royal Red Velvet frozen yogurt
Cheap used homeschool resources
Haydn hit the ball at practice
David explaining that the dirt looks like a drought.
David never forgets bedtime hugs.
Fellow UK-Fan at the ball game
Teaching boys "Alpha and Omega"
Reading stories to the boys
Text convo with Holly
Finding answered prayer-poems
ATL Bread happy on twitter
Interactions on Twitter today
All sorts of new friends from Conference
Seeing Beth Stauffer in Walmart
Dixie saying, "Oh, mama."
A new Sarah Addison Allen book is out.
A phone call from Corey at SIFAT
Help bringing in the groceries
Earning over 100 Checkpoints in one trip
Really good movies
Ingredients for ice cream pie
Old poems added to Evernote
Still reveling in The Night Circus
Finding leftover hummus in the fridge
Talking to Mama before bed
Lighting new watermelon candle
Click, then flame, then scent of natural loveliness
Erin Morgenstern replied to my tweet.
I remembered to buy oatmeal cream pies.
Teasing Mandy with ice cream pie
Haydn saying the room smells good
Starting my day with 1st Samuel
The perfect verse being given to me
"praying his anger and disappointment"
Random "I love you" text from Corey, before bed.
Compliments on art piece I did
Haydn thought my tornado piece was cool.
Family devotion was perfectly timed.
Making friends over Kindle-love
Soft white feather in child-hand
When my sister says she loves me
Sundress on a hot day
Book count at 52, mid-year
Discussing Hind's Feet with the boys
Note from Jack Sr
Hearing Corey's voice when he has been away
Not a zombie today
Mandy and Lauren here soon
Amanda K's husband recognized my maiden name as Dutch
Chatting in Pathways office
Another $5 gift card from Swagbucks
Found lost yellow-flower notebook
Melissa S called my poem beautiful.
Poem compliment from Jen s
and from Nancy C
and from Raigan M
and from Nan M
Neelley Hicks retweeted a poem post
Always learning and growing
I. Am. Me.
Daddy-Haydn complete bird house
They're here!
Homemade caramel sauce cooling
Ice cream pie in the freezer
Sugar Ray, "Every Morning"
Rediscovering poems I wrote
Free bowling
So good to see my husband
Mom & Wayne coming to visit
Corey's homecoming kisses
Learning about gypsies
Ice cream pie turned out wonderfully
Completed Carrie's bday gift
Ink soaking into cloth-like paper
Finding lost Louise-poems
Jeff got to go home today.
Corey's light bulb excitement
4-cheese burgers turned out yummy.
Giant hot pink ballgowns
Swagbucks searching on my phone
Wonderful book in the mail from Pattie R
Tomorrow is Saturday.
Kid-free trip to Lowe's with the hubster
So many flowers to choose from
Gardening tools
Awake and ready for church
New top to wear with jeans
Preview service
Haydn introducing himself to our new pastor
Corey leading worship this AM
Carrying my new bag
Corey took the boys to the cookout with him.
Comfy black flip-flops
Plaid PJ pants that were only #$1
Found remote, excitement
Getting phone calls made and over with


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