Monday, June 20, 2011

Multitudes on Monday - 6/20/11

1000 Gifts (1351-1400)

  • Pretty bathroom in hotel room
  • Ice cream sandwiches
  • Pepperoni, cheese and crackers
  • House full
  • When people appreciate my husband
  • Time to just talk with Corey
  • Advanced review copy of The Night Circus
  • Working to start a garden
  • People who say they love my Facebook
  • Some really amazing youth parents
  • Chats with Clete over dinner
  • Elizabeth Rose taking snacks for me
  • Salena blessing me with curriculum help
  • Clearing the air
  • 2 calls from Leila in one day
  • Seeing Haydn say "hello" to a girl, unprompted
  • Peanut butter chip granola bars
  • Card in the mail from Olivia
  • Defining "crick" for Haydn
  • Time with Melissa and Lorene
  • Haydn excited to see Theo
  • Holding a baby and making him smile
  • Nicole Hackett's cute baby bump
  • Bright blue t-shirts
  • Random kitty cuddles
  • Clean socks, balled together
  • Peanut butter Snickers
  • B1G1 free deals
  • Earning giftcards via checkpoints
  • Little red hearts on a note from Pattie
  • Adding owl stickers to envelopes
  • Black-bean tortilla chips
  • Benjamin eating spilled salsa before I can clean it up
  • Really quick delivery
  • Freeing a deep root
  • Cincinnati Zoo shirt
  • Memory of pregnant polar bear
  • Well-done zoos
  • Complete mixed-media pieces
  • Paint-covered arms and hands
  • Seeing Haydn nap on his own
  • Small envelopes stacked to mail tomorrow
  • Freshly turned earth
  • Tutti Frutti is finally open
  • Boys were actually quiet this morning
  • Making art
  • Turning a heart into an owl
  • New art on the wall
  • All sorts of ephemera
  • The perfect fragment to complete a piece
  • Expecting a book from Pattie


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