Sunday, June 26, 2011

All the Colors of the Skin

When you close your eyes
in a room like this one,
all you see is Jesus.
Spirit-filled and
all the colors of the skin
whirled together with the colors
of forgiven sin.
Tongues of fire
on the backs of my eyelids.
Holy Ghost fire
that enters through the heart
and fills to overflowing.
The body cannot contain
The body cannot contain
and is forced, instead,
to send it out.
Arms raise and hands
and feet just cannot
help themselves.

In a room like this,
God's Word is poured out
without the tragic history
of segregation.
Jesus exists above
and beyond 
the mess we made
in this country.
Jesus is in this room
without His green card,
without His silk tie and
wingtip shoes.
Jesus showed up
in this congregation
on this day,
and He did not need
the government's permission.
He came, despite
the lack of High Church Ritual.
He came despite
the presence of old money, new money,
any money
at all.
Jesus offers us this,
His raining down on us
in this world -
this world that He
This is the world
He chose to write
a love story with.

This room, with all these
this rainbow that belongs
to Him alone.
We are the Bride.
We turn our face to Him
and beneath the wedding veil,
our face is ebony, caramel,
Our face is beautiful in
its shades of cafe au lait, espresso bean,
mother's milk, rays of sun,
burning fire...
We, in all of our colors,
burn alive for Him.

Close your eyes in this room
and feel the movement all around us.
Open your eyes
in this room
and kiss the cheeks of
Kiss the feet of Jesus
who chose to walk
this way.

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