Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Multitudes on Monday - 6/28/11

1000 Gifts (1401-1500)

Owls from Cathy Jo
Royal Red Velvet frozen yogurt
Cheap used homeschool resources
Haydn hit the ball at practice
David explaining that the dirt looks like a drought.
David never forgets bedtime hugs.
Fellow UK-Fan at the ball game
Teaching boys "Alpha and Omega"
Reading stories to the boys
Text convo with Holly
Finding answered prayer-poems
ATL Bread happy on twitter
Interactions on Twitter today
All sorts of new friends from Conference
Seeing Beth Stauffer in Walmart
Dixie saying, "Oh, mama."
A new Sarah Addison Allen book is out.
A phone call from Corey at SIFAT
Help bringing in the groceries
Earning over 100 Checkpoints in one trip
Really good movies
Ingredients for ice cream pie
Old poems added to Evernote
Still reveling in The Night Circus
Finding leftover hummus in the fridge
Talking to Mama before bed
Lighting new watermelon candle
Click, then flame, then scent of natural loveliness
Erin Morgenstern replied to my tweet.
I remembered to buy oatmeal cream pies.
Teasing Mandy with ice cream pie
Haydn saying the room smells good
Starting my day with 1st Samuel
The perfect verse being given to me
"praying his anger and disappointment"
Random "I love you" text from Corey, before bed.
Compliments on art piece I did
Haydn thought my tornado piece was cool.
Family devotion was perfectly timed.
Making friends over Kindle-love
Soft white feather in child-hand
When my sister says she loves me
Sundress on a hot day
Book count at 52, mid-year
Discussing Hind's Feet with the boys
Note from Jack Sr
Hearing Corey's voice when he has been away
Not a zombie today
Mandy and Lauren here soon
Amanda K's husband recognized my maiden name as Dutch
Chatting in Pathways office
Another $5 gift card from Swagbucks
Found lost yellow-flower notebook
Melissa S called my poem beautiful.
Poem compliment from Jen s
and from Nancy C
and from Raigan M
and from Nan M
Neelley Hicks retweeted a poem post
Always learning and growing
I. Am. Me.
Daddy-Haydn complete bird house
They're here!
Homemade caramel sauce cooling
Ice cream pie in the freezer
Sugar Ray, "Every Morning"
Rediscovering poems I wrote
Free bowling
So good to see my husband
Mom & Wayne coming to visit
Corey's homecoming kisses
Learning about gypsies
Ice cream pie turned out wonderfully
Completed Carrie's bday gift
Ink soaking into cloth-like paper
Finding lost Louise-poems
Jeff got to go home today.
Corey's light bulb excitement
4-cheese burgers turned out yummy.
Giant hot pink ballgowns
Swagbucks searching on my phone
Wonderful book in the mail from Pattie R
Tomorrow is Saturday.
Kid-free trip to Lowe's with the hubster
So many flowers to choose from
Gardening tools
Awake and ready for church
New top to wear with jeans
Preview service
Haydn introducing himself to our new pastor
Corey leading worship this AM
Carrying my new bag
Corey took the boys to the cookout with him.
Comfy black flip-flops
Plaid PJ pants that were only #$1
Found remote, excitement
Getting phone calls made and over with


Monday, June 27, 2011


John 3:16
says that those who believe,
those who choose
Jesus the Christ
have eternal life.


This is not a future
This promise is for
this moment.
the abundant life,
the blessed life,
the glorious

For God so loved
this world
that He gave.
Not, He will give...
Not, He can give...
He gave.
He gave Life,
and how dare I go on living
like death.


Sunday, June 26, 2011

All the Colors of the Skin

When you close your eyes
in a room like this one,
all you see is Jesus.
Spirit-filled and
all the colors of the skin
whirled together with the colors
of forgiven sin.
Tongues of fire
on the backs of my eyelids.
Holy Ghost fire
that enters through the heart
and fills to overflowing.
The body cannot contain
The body cannot contain
and is forced, instead,
to send it out.
Arms raise and hands
and feet just cannot
help themselves.

In a room like this,
God's Word is poured out
without the tragic history
of segregation.
Jesus exists above
and beyond 
the mess we made
in this country.
Jesus is in this room
without His green card,
without His silk tie and
wingtip shoes.
Jesus showed up
in this congregation
on this day,
and He did not need
the government's permission.
He came, despite
the lack of High Church Ritual.
He came despite
the presence of old money, new money,
any money
at all.
Jesus offers us this,
His raining down on us
in this world -
this world that He
This is the world
He chose to write
a love story with.

This room, with all these
this rainbow that belongs
to Him alone.
We are the Bride.
We turn our face to Him
and beneath the wedding veil,
our face is ebony, caramel,
Our face is beautiful in
its shades of cafe au lait, espresso bean,
mother's milk, rays of sun,
burning fire...
We, in all of our colors,
burn alive for Him.

Close your eyes in this room
and feel the movement all around us.
Open your eyes
in this room
and kiss the cheeks of
Kiss the feet of Jesus
who chose to walk
this way.

Sunday Poem: Home

 Last Sunday, I missed Church because of health.  The Sunday before, I was at Annual Conference. The Sunday prior, I was driving to Kentucky, and the Sunday before that, we were driving to Washington DC.  A whole month of Sundays is too much.  It felt so good to be at The Invitation today.


is whispered as the doors
close out the world
I choose to leave

is brushed into my ear,
when she wraps her arms around me,
and I feel, for that time,
held up.
I will not fall.

the singer sings,
the keyboard plays,
the fingers on strings
strum into my bones.
I close my eyes
to sing.

is found here,
in the sound of chairs moving,
the sound of
scripture read aloud and
papers folded.

I came here,
this Sunday morning,
to be reminded of who
I am, and
He is.
This is who
we are.

In a world all alone,
we are

Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday Felicities - 6/24/11

Friday Felicities

Late night giggles with Lauren and Mandy
Old photos from high school
Bedroom wallpapered in magazine pages.
New, black, Sweet Nothings tank top on sale
My house smells good
Corey will be home today.
Picture plotting with Amanda
Convos about Hind's Feet with the boys.


Thursday, June 23, 2011

And, now...

Some days, I wonder if I am making any progress homeschooling Haydn.  Having never attempted such before, I am not 100% confident yet.  Maybe I never will be.  And, maybe that is good, as it will keep me always striving to be better.  However, a little confirmation is not a bad thing, and today I got some.  

A personal note in the mail from a man whom I admire as a leader and as, well, a man, mixed with Haydn's therapy appointment and friends on their way into town = joy.

Chatting with one of the ladies in the office where Haydn goes for therapy, twice a week, I recalled the struggle reading comprehension was when I first pulled Haydn.  To put it bluntly, he sucked at hearing or retaining what he read.  He just didn't get it.  He struggled to pay attention.  I started reading to him and quizzing him on each chapter.  I added a jar of Play Dough to our read-aloud time.  His scores improved.  Slowly at first, and then he was acing his every quiz.  I printed stories, usually a few paragraphs written by me, and showed him how to read the questions first and highlight the answers as he went.  Now, he no longer needs the highlighter.  

And, it turns out, in order to challenge him at all, the therapist who has been working with him is using the 8th Grade level of reading material.  His auditory memory isn't great, but it isn't awful either.  When he first came home, it was pretty much nonexistent.

It is all worth it.  So worth it.

Monday, June 20, 2011

The Night Circus

I hesitate to use the word enchanting, because that seems cliche for reviewing a book about magicians.  However, this book is enchanting.  Mesmerizing.  Hypnotic.  Any other cliches you can think of?  They probably fit.

The Night Circus is a grown-up fairy tale.  It is like crawling into bed with a mug of hot cocoa and listening intently to a master storyteller.  This storyteller can weave brilliance out of the air around your head.  Every strand of his web is worth feeding yourself to the spider for. 

The only negative I have read from anyone, so far, is based on the characters.  Someone stated that they did not feel as invested as they hoped to feel for the characters.  I thought about it, but I have to say I did not find this a problem.  As a matter of fact, the distance you seem held at is part of the magic.  After all, when you go to see a magician, you do not go backstage and learn his tricks.  Part of the experience is the mystery, and this book has the best kind of mystery.  Also, it seems to me, the character the author most wants you to love is the Circus herself. The Night Circus, in all her glory and beauty, is the woman of the hour.  All due is paid to her.

When I closed the cover, I was left with a lump in my throat.  I have been struggling to find anything else interesting right now.  What can I read after The Night Circus? Other novels on my list pale beside her.

Thank you Erin Morgenstern.  You are brilliant, and I am your newest most loyal fan.   

Multitudes on Monday - 6/20/11

1000 Gifts (1351-1400)

  • Pretty bathroom in hotel room
  • Ice cream sandwiches
  • Pepperoni, cheese and crackers
  • House full
  • When people appreciate my husband
  • Time to just talk with Corey
  • Advanced review copy of The Night Circus
  • Working to start a garden
  • People who say they love my Facebook
  • Some really amazing youth parents
  • Chats with Clete over dinner
  • Elizabeth Rose taking snacks for me
  • Salena blessing me with curriculum help
  • Clearing the air
  • 2 calls from Leila in one day
  • Seeing Haydn say "hello" to a girl, unprompted
  • Peanut butter chip granola bars
  • Card in the mail from Olivia
  • Defining "crick" for Haydn
  • Time with Melissa and Lorene
  • Haydn excited to see Theo
  • Holding a baby and making him smile
  • Nicole Hackett's cute baby bump
  • Bright blue t-shirts
  • Random kitty cuddles
  • Clean socks, balled together
  • Peanut butter Snickers
  • B1G1 free deals
  • Earning giftcards via checkpoints
  • Little red hearts on a note from Pattie
  • Adding owl stickers to envelopes
  • Black-bean tortilla chips
  • Benjamin eating spilled salsa before I can clean it up
  • Really quick delivery
  • Freeing a deep root
  • Cincinnati Zoo shirt
  • Memory of pregnant polar bear
  • Well-done zoos
  • Complete mixed-media pieces
  • Paint-covered arms and hands
  • Seeing Haydn nap on his own
  • Small envelopes stacked to mail tomorrow
  • Freshly turned earth
  • Tutti Frutti is finally open
  • Boys were actually quiet this morning
  • Making art
  • Turning a heart into an owl
  • New art on the wall
  • All sorts of ephemera
  • The perfect fragment to complete a piece
  • Expecting a book from Pattie


Saturday, June 18, 2011

Friday Felicities - 6/17/11

Friday Felicities

My early review copy of The Night Circus
Meeting a nice lady in the waiting room
Frozen fruit chillers in strawberry
The boys eating kiwi
Learning more about liturgy
Sweet compliments in my comment section


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Currently: June Bug

Current Books: I just finished a reread of The Prince of Tides. I love the lyrical quality to Pat Conroy's words. I am halfway through Beyond Smells and Bells.  I just started a review book for Amazon Vine. It is called the Night Circus. It is not published yet, and I admit to taking sinful pride in reading books before they are on the shelves.  So far, I like it.  

Current Playlist: Well, David has been insisting on the WOW 2011 CD, but I have finally wrested back control of the car's CD player, and we are listening to Hind's Feet on High Places.

Current Shame-Inducing Guilty Pleasure: Reading all day, for the parts of the day I am awake.  It is summer, and the boys and I are relaxing.  We are reading 39 Clues together. 

Current Colors: Kentucky Blue and any bright clear shade.

Current Fetish: Frozen fruit slush things.  Chillers, I think they are called.  So good.  Better than a popsicle.

Current Food: I have discovered the yumminess of a Morningstar black bean burger, on hummus-coated flat bread.

Current Drink: Well, I have Diet Pepsi in the fridge, but I am drinking water more.  The heat calls for that.

Current Favorite Favorite: Leila.  She sent a card from Olivia today.  Cutest thing.  And, she is always compassionate and patient. 

Current Wishlist: Either an iPad or a 13" Macbook.

Current Needs: I need to make a dental appointment.  I have a back tooth bothering me. I also need to go to Lens Crafters.  Haydn and I both broke nose guards off of our glasses within days of one another.  What are the odds?

Current Triumph: I voted and spoke on the floor at Annual Conference.  I also wrote the theme piece for the weekend.  

Current Bane-of-my-Existence: A lack of logic and common sense in certain people. Also entitlement and arrogance in these same people.

Current Celebrity Crush: Doctor Who.  We are on the 10th Doctor.  I preferred the 9th, but this one is growing on me.

Current Indulgence: Ice cream sandwiches.  I cannot eat an ice cream sandwich without feeling like a kid again.

Current Mood: Mostly good.  Some zombie days and a bit of edginess sprinkled in for good measure.  But, overall, I am happy.

Current #1 Blessing: The consistency of my husband.

Current Slang or Saying: Can't think of anything.

Current Outfit: Peace, Love and UK shirt, Kentucky hat, Ann Taylor blue jeans, black flip-flops

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Multitudes on Monday (on Tuesday)

1000 Gifts (1251 - 1350)

  • Journals at National Gallery of Art
  • Writing poems in an art gallery
  • Navigating DC alone
  • Leila making me laugh, when I was near tears
  • Catherine telling me what to do. LOL!
  • Long shorts under dresses
  • The "Pepperoni Conspiracy" theory
  • UK Pajama Pants
  • Audio of The Story Girl
  • Audio of Churched
  • Audio of Water Babies
  • Kitties doing tricks for treats
  • Naming a cat Sir Ashley
  • Jimmy smiling
  • Meeting Porky, at last
  • Brianna's freckles
  • Feeling at home, even after 10 years
  • Stories that never get old
  • Boys discussing pepperoni downstairs
  • Mickey Mouse Bandaids
  • Driving Nat's Creek
  • "You know you're in Kentucky when..."
  • Raiding the UK aisle at the Louisa Walmart
  • Gummy dino vitamins
  • Sitting on Aunt Rosemary's porch
  • Watching Uncle Randall laugh
  • doodled little red hearts
  • Cat, just a text message away
  • Comp charger in the mail
  • Vine delivery
  • Checks to cash for the boys
  • Mid-day sleep, so good
  • Finding food in the fridge
  • Arms thrown around my big brother
  • Finally seeing Dan again
  • Carrie texted me, "You rock."
  • Overwhelming love from Louise
  • Corey making me laugh
  • Lounging in UK tank top
  • The feeling in my gut when I entered Paintsville
  • Sharing family poetry
  • Time in quietness
  • Genesis debate
  • "Native Land" poem
  • Venting to the BIAY group
  • The boys folding apology notes
  • Being loved despite myself
  • Feeling like me today
  • Making Lynn laugh
  • Friend getting engaged
  • Corey's new, pin-stripe, suit
  • "Juicy Pomegranate Berry" candle
  • Dr. Who with Haydn on Saturday afternoon
  • Funny movie with Kadijah and Devonte
  • Knowing I ordered the perfect gift
  • House calls
  • Catching the error
  • Random son hugs
  • David saves his money
  • Seeing friends in Kroger
  • Sending Cheri cards
  • My meowing kitty cats
  • Haydn giving goodnight hugs
  • Chat time with Haydn's therapist
  • My therapist's accent
  • Actually knowing some people tonight
  • Return of the Ritalin
  • Cuddling with Corey before I start my day
  • Father's Day card turned out perfect
  • Stack of greeting cards
  • Cards are almost ready to mail
  • Nattie-books to give away
  • Met another ____ Rose York, sort of
  • No judgment
  • Smell of curly fries
  • Toy Story Bandaid on my finger
  • Peace, Love and UK shirt
  • Movie on TV with Corey
  • Colbert's bit on 3-page bills
  • Corey helping the boys learn cleaning
  • Katie caring for the animals this weekend
  • I will see Louise tomorrow
  • Pocus sleeps in crazy positions
  • Clean playroom
  • Help with the dishes
  • Laundry folded and put away
  • Seeing people love my son
  • Saying, "I'm a poet."
  • Last minute plans working
  • Knowing something well
  • Fitting the pieces back together
  • Rwth hugs
  • Rwth's labyrinthine necklack
  • Lotus blossom candle background
  • Meeting new friends via Twitter
  • A chance to speak with the Bishop
  • Seeing Jackie
  • Hands-free Kindle reading
  • Finding my fountain pens


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

99 cents poem

Easy to please,
With his purchase of three
Sweet chewy caramels,
Only 99 cents.
Joy for the days
When pleasure was bought
For 99 pennies.
My rest and content
Would cost 99...
99 sunsets and
99 grins
99 dresses of softest black silk.
99 crowns
And 99 memories
My happiness cost me daily,
1000, 100,
And 99 dreams.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Multitudes on Monday - 6/6/11

1000 Gifts (1101 - 1250)

  • The boys telling nonsense jokes
  • Reading outside at church
  • Seeing Sheila Oliver on Weds nights
  • Lauren Oliver's cute haircut
  • Brainstorming book for Savannah
  • Remembering Haydn's pills on time
  • Thinking intensely and creatively
  • Breeze
  • Morning talks on David's bed
  • Pocus' "surprise naps"
  • David has stomach muscles!!!
  • Ashley texting me about a quote
  • Expecting mail soon
  • Haydn commenting on our morning devotion
  • Haydn wants to buy his own Bible
  • Hummus & Pita bread
  • Tight Haydn hugs
  • Sweet convo with Corey, via text
  • Rumi poem
  • e e cummings
  • Braids
  • middle-of-the-night conversations with Corey
  • Writing Natalie's name
  • Talking about my tattoo
  • Telling Nattie's story
  • Wearing a paper crane around my neck
  • Haydn made an origami envelope and wrote Savannah a letter
  • Pocus lying on his back to sleep
  • Polka-dot Gymboree box
  • Delivery for ME!!
  • Owl pants!
  • Carrie thought of me.
  • Soft cotton pants to lounge in
  • Haydn using my phrases
  • 90's pop on Pandora
  • Dancing while I cook
  • Haydn hanging out with me
  • Haydn read in front of Co-Op
  • Hannah's poem
  • Hannah also wrote me a Thank You poem
  • Eliza's adorable bathing ensemble
  • 42 is the answer
  • Dr. Who referencing Arthur Dent
  • Geeky Friday the 13th convo with Michael on Facebook
  • Magnetic gift for Leila
  • Church sign texts from Cat
  • Pow Wow with Shannon & Brigid
  • Lost Pizza with Corey and the boys
  • The boys buying bows and arrows
  • Eraser-tipped arrows
  • Little blue-bird pin
  • Tee Pee pictures
  • Leila's Jr Prom pictures
  • Magnetic bracelet on my arm
  • Tall black boots with my dress
  • Dinner with Mandy & CBell
  • Rewatching Easy A with girlfriends
  • Freshly-bleached floor
  • Eating and talking with Rosemary
  • Savannah-Blueberry lollipops
  • House full of 7th graders
  • Senior video
  • Yummy food at Senior Banquet
  • Compliments on my "Connections" article
  • Surprise Mandy visit
  • "gossip girl from the sweet valley of the traveling pants"
  • Colorful postcards to mail
  • Abby Grace taking Chinese
  • Summer help
  • milk delivery - LOL!
  • Poems stored on Evernote
  • Posting this list to Facebook
  • Second pair of comfy lounge pants
  • Thinking about dance classes
  • Corey took Haydn to his game
  • Hummus and pita bread for dinner
  • Haydn's hand is fine
  • Queen Victoria on Dr Who
  • Teaching Haydn to bake a cake
  • The word "catalyst"
  • Discussing dreams with Dana & Sasha
  • Going to the White House
  • Joking with Cadley about politics
  • Haydn's apology
  • Being excited like a kid
  • Being able to wash a king-size comforter in my washing machine
  • Dog's new collar
  • Feeling like I'm flying
  • The world ending May 21st
  • Pic of Olivia asleep on the beach
  • Zooming around the rink
  • Little kids dancing in their sock feet
  • Remembering skating as a child
  • Vanilla milkshake
  • Laughing with Leila
  • Making friends in unlikely places
  • God sees all of the puzzle pieces
  • Red glitter icing
  • Strawberry cake pops
  • New crackle nail polish
  • Chosen Derby name
  • Neatly wrapped presents for David's birthday
  • Corey's help today
  • Jelly beans
  • Haydn doing his own laundry
  • One day of school left
  • New free Kindle downloads
  • Chocolate covered granola bars
  • Lunch at David's school
  • Reading at the ballpark
  • Doing Derby with Shannon
  • Noisy toy for cats while we are gone
  • My super-organized DC binder
  • Leaving a fairly clean house
  • Haydn finished 3rd grade!
  • David finished 1st grade!
  • Prospect of a new journal
  • Riding the metro
  • Feet in the fountain
  • Girl reading Kindle in sculpture garden
  • Alone for Holocaust Museum
  • Man in front of me in line at said museum
  • Pink & Purple Triangles
  • Quiet space to pray
  • Tiramisu gelato
  • Memory of Olive Oil gelato
  • Olivia books galore
  • Eliza's Cherry Trees
  • Getting my money back
  • Look of happiness on Savannah's face
  • Savannah whispering "wednesday"
  • Fuddrucker's for dinner
  • Laughing about ostrich burgers
  • Kids' chocolate cookies
  • Waking up early for breakfast
  • This pink notebook from Pattie
  • Long text convo with Daddy
  • Salsa on my eggs
  • Cheri's pic of hatching chicks
  • New poem written
  • Encouraging words from Louise
  • River view in the early morning
  • Natchez Trace at 5 AM
  • Oriented by the Monument
  • Bright KY Blue tank top
  • Coal tee shirt
  • Pink gifties
  • Planning to lace up
  • Big brother hugs


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