Monday, May 9, 2011

Multitudes on Monday - 5/9/11

1000 Gifts (951-1000)

  • "That was a good practice."
  • 2 hours reading in the bleachers
  • Seeing friends at the park
  • Haydn reminding me Lent is over
  • Prayer on drive
  • Neatly printed information
  • Teaching multiplication via coin groups
  • Putting cards in the mailbox
  • A friend's testimony giving hope
  • Sandy Westerman
  • Mac-n-cheese for lunch
  • Peanut butter toast
  • Haydn in uniform
  • Haydn's team won
  • Corey running scoreboard
  • Baby bumps
  • Gorgeous Great Dane @ park
  • Walking out of park with Jimmy and Debbie
  • Daytime calls from hubby
  • Haydn learning research
  • The air after a storm
  • Watching rain out a window
  • Entering giveaways
  • Texts from Daddy, asking about the boys' games
  • Sex God by Rob Bell
  • Fluff fiction as "sorbet"
  • "Carolina Girl" shirt
  • Researching cruises online
  • Laughing with Rosemary @ Confirmation practice
  • Half circle of confirmands
  • Feel of small wooden crosses
  • Trail of wax tears on faded red carpet
  • Landon's kissable cheeks
  • Clean house, thanks to Corey
  • Enjoying simple novels & stories
  • Brook M's owl charm
  • Serving communion to confirmands
  • Hubby preaching
  • Chocolate chip cookies in the oven
  • Jack Reed Sr. complimenting Corey's sermon
  • Riding to Houston with Shannon & Brigid
  • Good conversation with new friends
  • Peace with the future
  • Compliment from a student
  • Carrie sending me a happy
  • Being able to help someone, somehow
  • Purple on my toenails to remind me of Nattie-Pie
  • Hasma-hand on Mallie's necklace
  • Laughing with 7th grade girls
  • Blue fondant dot on Anne McKenzie's face


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